EXCLUSIVE: Why we need to think about Russia’s birthrate

Much of Anglo-American and NATO weapons controversy since the late 1950s has consisted of one or more institutions like the Pentagon, CIA, the White House, MI6, the Sureté and FBI variously reassuring or warn ing legislatures and the media that something is when it isn’t, and vice versa. Such is the nature of intelligence work – what my father used to call Kidology – so I am always staggered by the shocked tone of media commentary when one piece of mendacity or another comes to light.

These days, of course, there is no commentary beyond online ‘breakaways’, blogsites and substacks; so when the bare-faced lies are revealed out of nowhere, ordinary people tend to go beyond shock and into denial or firm belief, depending on whether “our guys” or “the enemy” are being outed as culprits. The ‘major Russian high-security secret centre in South Eastern Russia’ that was allegedly producing Novochok nerve-poisons on a grand scale turned out to be a training centre for farmers: Novochok as a name was discovered to mean “new stuff”, of which the Americans had the patent, and Russia no longer produced any of it. Boris Johnson lied for England about all of it, and his punishment was to become Prime Minister.

During the 1959 US Presidential election, Kennedy campaigned hard on the “missile gap” that supposedly existed in favour of the Sovyet Union, only to find on being elected that the National Security Council had lied to him. And – perhaps as a suitable final exit from the ‘Get Nixon’ Watergate saga revealed by The Slog here and here – in 1969 soon after his inauguration, Richard Nixon discovered the offensive bioweapon development budget at the Pentagon and shut it down on humanitarian grounds.

But all that happened was that the term offensive was taken at its literal level, and defensive development continued. In reality, nothing changed. So following his election as POTUS, Clinton had another go, and was given another promise. Still nothing changed – and the programme today is more grisly in its extinction possibilities than ever: the Wuhan ‘gain of function for peaceful purposes’ can no longer hide behind drivel about the miraculous healing powers of mobile mRNA. It isn’t a vaccine and it isn’t a health product – it’s a bioweapon. Variations on it have been developed here in Gambia by the WHO, and shipped to the US under Pentagon officers’ supervision. The Western MSM can blather on about “false Russian propaganda” accounts of bioweapon labs in Ukraine, but they should get their lies straight: the Pentagon long ago admitted building and funding them. In February 2022, I wrote:

‘The first thing that struck me once the Russian invasion got under way was the order of priorities apparent in the early (and rapidly) secured targets. The airport (obviously, to cut off means of escape for fomenters of trouble) and the Parliament building (equally vital if there’s a political connection between legislators and Western intelligence) were predictable fare. But the interesting thing was the obvious focus on US-funded biolabs inside Ukraine. That’s not about the collapse of buffer States to the West: it may well be about knocking out cutting-edge military capability on a much broader scale….or perhaps even more likely, capturing technical knowledge’.

Frantic US shredding then followed.

However, a passing remark attributed to Vladimir Putin in May 2019 has fascinated me ever since. “It seems that somebody has been studying Russian DNA in depth for a very long time”.

As I noted earlier above vis a vis the “defensive” loophole, US agitprop sites in March 2022 now backtracked slightly and made reference to ‘…since 2005, the US Department of Defense has partnered with Ukraine through something called the Biological Threat Reduction Program, which basically supports 46 labs that are run by local officials in Ukraine to deal with or detect pathogens that would be harmful if released into the wider world. So, for example, helping to defend against the spread of something called African swine fever”.

And of course, as any foole know, the Ukraine is even closet to Africa than it is to Russia. IABATO applies*

*It’s all bollocks and that’s official

Wasington and the American MSM, of course, put all this down to “paranoid” madness on Putin’s part…it’s a line they love to follow.

But in the last few days, I spotted something interesting. The falling birth rate in Russia is no secret, but Western propaganda has focused on the Ukraine War as the reason for more deaths cancelling out the births.

That’s nonsense. The REAL causes being uncovered by companies like Rand Corporation chiefly involve fewer births:

‘But the birth rate, which in the mid-2010s reached 1.9 million, literally collapsed in a span of a few years—this year we can expect only 1.2 million births. That is, the reason for the new addition to Russia’s demographic hole is a strong drop in the birth rate, and not mortality. One of the reasons for the demographic crisis is infertility, the scale of which is only growing in Russia, which is again confirmed by statistics.

The highlight in black is mine: ‘only growing in Russia’ .

Why is only Russia suffering? The fertility rate in Europe increased by between 2005 and 2022. The fertility rate (births per woman) in Russia is 1.5 and falling. In 2015 it was 1.75. In the EU it’s increasing slightly to an average of around 1.63

So then, 2005-2022 is the odd period. See above for the quote about ‘since 2005, the US Department of Defense has partnered with Ukraine through something called the Biological Threat Reduction Program’. See also ‘somebody has been studying Russian DNA in depth for a very long time’.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going on this one. It’s a complex subject, and there are a zillion socio-cultural variables.

But one thing I do know is this: some in the Putin inner circle do believe that the US is now a rogue State. And while I’m damned if I know why, once again, Europe is dancing to the ear-splitting NATO cacophony of hate.

The worst makers of history are misunderstandings. Zelenskyy is a corrupt puppet and neither EUNATO nor the UK can afford to feed his appalling hypocrisy.

We are on the wrong side of history here. And it’s the sort of history that could leave us with no future.

John Ward coined the term 1in8 as the proportion of people in the Western First World who are not the “wild conspiracy theorists” so casually dismissed by the dissemblers, but rather those who don’t trust anything serial liars in public life say. He has in the past exposed Number 10 pressure applied to police forces dealing with “Asian rape”, Gordon Brown’s instability when Prime Minister, the Lehman Brothers debt hole, systemic paedophilia and trafficking in Plymouth, the illegal Frankfurt takeover of Greece, Angela Merkel’s glossed-over Youth Leader East German past, Lord Sedwill’s anti-Brexit schemes, Obama’s use of trolls at GOP rallies in 2012, the joint smears organised by Murdoch, Johnson and the Met Police during the phone hacking scandal, Jeremy Hunt’s corrupt pursuit of nepotism, Tony Blair’s illegal intervention into police prosecutions of Saudi arms deal corruption, Matt Hancock’s falsification of the approval of the Moderna “vaccine” against Covid19, and most recently the hitherto unknown skeletons in Bob Woodward’s cupboard of ‘Get Nixon’ articles during and after the Watergate scandal.