It’s all bollocks, and that’s official!

Every other cod-science has endless acronyms,so why can’t I? It is of course what the Slog is all about….but the razor-sharp, finely honed, encyclopaedic and ever so slightly deranged mind behind all of it is anything but insular. I have been blogging a lot lately at the very fine and well-threaded site that is Anna Raccoon.
The site represents the nearest thing in the anti-Establishment sector to what I’d call libertarian chic. As Sandie Toskvig pointed out so succinctly on QI last night, “Men don’t do details, instructions or research” – but Ms Raccoon does. This tends to lift and separate her good points from some others in the Blogistocracy.

The point is, Raccoon likes the data and the science to be there – as well as a rock-solid mountain of commonsense; thus I feel comfortable on the site, and able to disagree with some of the views without receiving a torrent of abuse.
The existing Establishment doesn’t do science. It hides, rubbishes, smears, bends and denies it – but it doesn’t do it. I know: I used to debrief them on focus groups many years ago. They always either(a) got the wrong end of the stick or (b) suppressed the results.