The Right sort of snow

Although a damnable nuisance and sure to result in many deaths, the cold snap + snow weather we have at the moment is the right stuff to be falling on people. For it will act as a wake-up call to those still wavering as to whether the current Government needs to be turfed out or not.
Whatever one thinks about the Tories (and I try to do so as little as possible) they would at least by now have woken up to reality and introduced an emergency Budget – as opposed to the yes-and-no-with-reservations fantasy Darling offered at the end of last year. Tories do at least know that overspending leads to disaster. Now, the snow is giving us a suitably cold portent of the disaster to come.
Gordon Brown remains the cyclops in encyclopaedic: immediate access to a million remembered statistics, but unable to add them up so as to calculate the bill. Now we are seeing what not paying the bill will bring:
* No grit, salt or snowploughs
* Not enough 4WD ambulances
* No recycling taken away

What we are also getting is contradictory spin (use less grit/find more grit) and a complete lack of any coordinated strategy.
I know I boff on about this too much at times, but it takes more than barmy ideas to run a country: it takes people who can organise, and produce good governance. Polemics are of interest to poliwonks, but police are of far more interest to real people. As are roads, hospitals and care systems that work.