Ainsworth ‘was source of damning Brown helicopter memos’

Bob Ainsworth was the leaker behind ‘RAF sources’ used to show damning helicopter cancellations in yesterday’s Sunday Times, The Nby Slog has learned.
Today’s Telegraph partly corroborates this via its ‘curry house plot’ revelations under Patrick Hennessy’s byline. The Slog’s source confirms that Hennessy’s speculation about an impending resignation by Ainsworth is well-founded. The official adds:
“It’s clear that Hoon/Hewitt was just the first salvo…this time they’re going for the crucifix and the silver bullets”.

Meanwhile, Mail on Sunday sources confirm that Watt Next? will make Watt Round One look tepid by comparison. And at The First Post’s Mole column, the piece about nby/Slog’s latest revelations is No 1 Most Read