Dictatorial EU, weak Britain, confident Germany

The EU dictatorship has started, but the former dictatorship isn’t having any of it.

‘E.ON’s UK wind farms operated at only 16% capacity on average during this month’s cold snap. Yet the EU wants us to close down all coal burning reactors now’ (Open Europe Website)
Good job it was windy as well then, or else the number would’ve been -78.
‘the House of Commons Committee for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said millions of tonnes of food waste must be banned from going to landfill within five years, amid fears that Britain could be fined £200m by the EU if it misses a target to halve the amount of biodegradable waste sent to landfill by 2013, from 1995 levels’ (Metro) Perhaps we could give it to livestock. Or John Prescott.
‘the German government has rejected the idea of an EU tax to help finance the EU budget’ (Der Standard) This is the third time in a fortnight that Germany has either defied or ‘overruled’ the EU.

Funny how Moral Tone just casually handed them £8.3 billion, yet mere Foreign Ministers in Germany feel obliged to tell the Brussels where to stick it. Perhaps this is another case of ‘there’s nothing we can do’ only without the ‘nothing’ part.