Mainstream media blogs still catching up

Much of the sub-text of PM’s Questions is lost on old-media bloggers.

The Nby Slog’s mole track record on what’s between the lines is not bad. For example:

‘Brown revealed he had written to Sir John Chilcot to offer to give evidence before the general election. Sources say he has written the letter only recently and so this seems a big shift. It is now up to Chilcot to say why he really wouldn’t want the PM to appear before polling day – or actually call him as a witness pronto.’ (Paul Waugh in Evening Standard)

See The Slog’s piece of the week before last. What Brown doesn’t realise is that Cleggover has set a trap…into which he has just tumbled.

And also:

‘Cameron went in hard on the appalling Doncaster torture case (which was in the courts today)….this reply from the NSPCC….”Full reports should not be made public as sensitive information must be kept confidential to protect vulnerable children…” (Paul Waugh again)

This old excuse is wearing a bit thin – and remains a Charter for paedophiles who have penetrated social care to carry on as before.

A year or two from now, the increasingly unshockable UK public will be genuinelty shocked to discover the level of near-treason in Downing Street….and appalling decadence in the social care system.