The Reality Cheque (1)

In the first of a building series, The Slogger surveys the fallout from bailout and beneficence.

Mandy’s latest up is down and black is white routine was applied this week to the £950 million hole in the edukashun budget. It would, he said, make the Universities ‘more lean’. This didn’t play well with any of the educational or student bodies.

Chief of Army General Staff Sir Devid Richards has suggested to the flyboys that they go back to propeller-driven defence planes which (he points out) cost an eighth of your average jet. Soggy newspaper, by the way, costs less than firelighters. This too did not play well with the Per ardua ad astra community. Richards has never flown a desk, let alone a plane.

Mrs Kinnock may have blown the gaff on overseas anti-terrorist expenditure, but The Slogger has learned that all three of the FO, MI5 and armed forces cuts are much worse than anyone in the old media has yet established. The bottom line is that the navy can’t afford to leave harbour, the army can’t re-order uniforms, and secret agents no longer have any safe houses – all the ones they had having been sold, in classic Labour fashion, at the bottom of the market earlier last year. There is a lot more to prudence than helicopter shortages…as will be revealed soon enough.