Edukashun workin aftrall

Professor St John Arkstairing-Bonqueres of Lyme Regis refutes the claim made on this site that education has been dumbed down. As a libertarian I thus feel duty bound to give him the oxygen of publicity…


When we were at school we were taught about famous people from history and the contributions that they had made to make Britain and the world a better place.
Names such as Brunel, Isaac Newton, Edward Jenner are firmly lodged in our brains as a result.

But now , it seems that the education system has, with great success, placed
lesser known names into the consciousness of our young folk.

Take one example: James Watt – as we all know, the inventor of the steam engine.
Did you know he had a brother – Juno? You certainly should, for he has become incredibly famous.

Up and down High Streets, in cafes and pubs – everywhere I’m hearing “Juno Watt” before every sentence.

Oh how we laughed.