CHILCOT EXCLUSIVE: Tribune sensation as Brown accepts Goldsmith/Straw interpretation of UN 1441

Brown….WMD was not the issue. ‘I supported war on the basis of non-compliance’

In trying to ensure he remains in the Safe Zone on Iraq war support, Gordon Brown had laid himself open to an obvious question.

Gordon Brown has told leftist maagazine Tribune that WMD was never the issue for him. He supported the War, he told Tribune’s Chris McLaughin, on the basis of Saddam’s non-compliance with UN Resolutions.

Hilariously,the former Chancellor told Tribune “…I don’t want people to think that there are unanswered questions. I’ve got answers to give that I am happy to give…”
He then demonstrated that the answers he’d be happy to give were not the answers to the question’s he’d be asked. For example, early in the interview, McLaughlin asks Brown when he first knew about WMD. This is his ‘answer’: “For me, the issue was all the time Iraq’s obligations to the international community.”

Gordon Brown will never change, but clever as he might feel about this not altogether unpredictable side-step, if the Chilcots are awake there is a very simple quasi-question they can put to him:

“So then Mr Brown,you agreed wholeheartedly with the Goldsmith/Blair/Straw interpretation that UN1441 did not require a further resolution to legalise military action?”

Except that this time, it would be good to do a Paxman,and keep asking the question until they get an answer. Because the only possible answer (if this is going to be Gordon’s comfort zone) is “Yes, Lord Chilcot”.

Which puts him nicely in the dock with the rest of them…and up against the other 98% of international lawyers who categorically insist that 1441 was NOT a legal basis for invasion on its own.

The assertion also, of course, differs markedly from the impression that the lovely Clare Short got.