POLL RESEARCH: Surprise, surprise – the British people think Osborne did the right thing.

The latest YouGov post UK Budget research on the UK Polling Report site has some truly mind-concentrating statistics in it.

50% think the Budget was fair, and 27% don’t.

57% think Osborne made the right decisions for the country, and 23% think he didn’t.

45% think the Budget was economically sound, and 33% think it will push the country back into recession.

69% of LibDem voters backed the Budget, compared to 17% who didn’t.

This is despite the fact that 55% think the Budget will increase unemployment, 44% that it will increase poverty, and 10% were more pessimistic about their own personal outlook in the medium term.

The real insights here, I think, are that (a) during the General Election, politicians underestimated the preparedness of the electorate for pain; and (b) LibDem activists in particular are massively out of touch with the mass of the Party’s voters.

Of course, it may well be that the experts are right, and voter commonsense is wrong. But personally, I am heartened by the degree to which the Brtitish electorate continues to show it can rise above Party propaganda and media bollocks.

Today Ed Miliband became yet another in a long line of frozen-out Establishment figures to claim that cracks are appearing in the Coalition. These cracks are beginning to resemble the green shoots of economic recovery as examples of mythical nonsense: like green shoots, visible cracks are wish fulfilment on the part of those out of power. If this YouGov study is to be believed, they bear no relation to the reality of opinion out there in the electorate.