Media hysteria about BP’s incompetence is diverting attention from serious corporate malfeasance

A fortnight ago, The Slog picked up and investigated Erin Brockvich’s claim that BP was using banned toxic agents to assist in the Gulf of Mexico ‘clean-up’ operation. We reported several illnesses among workers. The media yawned. The media yawned again when The Slog showed that BP spin-merchant Doug Suttles tried (and failed) to back-write history on the toxicity scandal. The media fell asleep. After a hard week of jingoistic BP-bashing, they must have been very tired indeed.

Now it emerges that two cleanup workers have died. US Government cleanup coordinator Thad Allen commented at the back end of a press conference about the latest (robot) cockup that police were investigating the deaths.

Other evidence is gradually emerging about the hell-for-leather way in which BP executives are conducting the cleanup with scant regard for either human or animal life. Boat captain Mike Ellis has told reporters that he saw distressed turtles being burned alive by BP workers, who wouldn’t give him spillage access in order to rescue the animals.

Did you know that BP were further polluting the atmosphere by conducting burns as a means of clearing the oil? No, I didn’t either. But whatever happens next in this high-speed ‘cleanup’, you’ll most probably read it here.