Do I think this is funny? Yes. It has wit, it has subtlety, it has irony.

No, I wouldn’t put it up in the vestibule of a mosque – any more than I’d run into a Synagogue and yell “Bacon!” Those would both be offensive actions asking for trouble.

Equally, I wouldn’t charge into the Vatican’s inner sanctum, stretch out my arms and shout “What a way to spend Easter”.

But atheist, agnostic and religious people all find religious beliefs amusing. An understanding of cultural difference is aided by by gags told by the practitioners of a religion – and equally by the benign take of those of other religions.

To be truly tolerant, we have to learn why other cultures find us funny – and discern when there is no desire to offend. Finding everything offensive is a recipe for unhappiness, conflict, violence, repression….and delusion.

Using one’s beliefs as an excuse to find offence is merely looking in a mirror and seeing Superman. And seeing oneself as Superman is the ultimate human delusion.

Ah the gift that God could gi’ us
To see ourselves as others see us.