Ban decision was made by staunch Obama admirer

Huffposters line streets to mourn loss of free speech


The increasingly naked attempt by AOL to silence the Slog has take a new turn. My replies in red as usual.

Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2011 8:07 AM
To: john ward
Subject: Re: Your blog post re:suspension of HuffPost account



 While you are perfectly welcome to present your case to your readership, you have violated my privacy by posting my personal contact information, which I sent to you accidentally.

 That’s fine Stephanie. You made a mistake, so it’s my fault. Seems to be the mindset at AOL

I am requesting that you remove my contact information immediately from your site. Failure to do so will result in my reporting the incident to

 That’s cool, young lady – I dig your threat, OK? I’ll remove it right now. How is life down there in the silo?

 Whether you agree with the position of our site or not, I am simply the messenger here. 

 Jawohl herr Hauptmann, I voss only obeyink orders.

 The Slog


As a Blogger, one only gets this lucky once in a lifetime, so I’m obviously going to make the most of it. Altered Opinions Ltd (AOL) – having violated my liberty last Monday – now say that by reproducing the obedient Stephanie’s email I have violated her privacy. Violation of privacy whingeing from an ISP is a tad like Bin Laden claiming the navy Seals violated his, but there you are: what’s rather more annoying is the obvious threat to lean on WordPress…..and we all know what happened last time somebody did that, don’t we Sloggers?AOL truly is a piece of work, is it not? As indeed, it seems, Stephanie might be too. She wants privacy and fame, by being left alone by impertinent comment threaders….and blogging herself at Huffington Post.

Let’s violate a  little of Stephanie Vaughn-Hapke’s fame, should we? This is Steph’s mugshot at Huffpost:

This is reproduced here actual size, and I’m not going to comment on it at all.

Steph says in her Huffpost bio that politically she is a ‘declared political cynic and independent’. But in the very next phrase she adds that, as well as being incredibly objective, she is also ‘a strong supporter of Barack Obama’.

My comment thread was about the accuracy or otherwise of the account of events in Abottabad given to the American people by….Barack Obama’s White House staff. Events since my transgression may well have made any further comment threads there irrelevant. Certainly, I have unsubscribed from THP. I hereby openly urge all others to follow The Slog’s lead – as is my right under both the US & UK Constitutions.

I should imagine that the next stage is for The Slog to be taken down soon, so stand by for messages relating to yet another change of address. Betting S/P on the excuse is running as follows:

Privacy violation despite doing as I was asked within ten minutes 1/36

Something they came up with after reading this 1/18

Hate crime 5/2

Criminal sarcasm 22/1

Long history of child abuse 44/1

Serial misogyny and bullying 200/1

1000/1 the field.

Faites vos jours, mesdames et messieurs!