Could mistaken identity explain DSK’s behavior?

Although this isn’t new news, I have just realised that Nafissatou Diallo  – the maid accusing Dominic Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault – was originally granted political asylum by the American authorities. This is in fact how she got into the US seven years ago.

As I noted in last night’s late posting, it is also the US Government – not her lawyer Shapiro – which has organised her retreat into hiding….and is guarding her round the clock. Who do they think might harm her? Or is it just that they’d rather she didn’t say anything unguarded to the press?

Dallio is now being described by msnbc as ‘of limited education’.

So then, a young and vulnerable single mother (who is not a US citizen and not the sharpest card in the pack, but is known to the US authorities) gets protected by those same US authorities in preparation for the trial of a man who is a known sex abuser (the more this goes on, the more his grope-habit becomes clear) and also happens to be the most pro-euro and anti-dollar man at the IMF….which he just happens to be running.

Confirming what The Slog wrote yesterday about DSK’s more likely sexual modus operandi, various US papers and our Telegraph are of full of lurid prurience about Strauss-Kahn’s penchant for New York’s high-class hookers. Seems a little odd that he’d leap from the bathroom naked and jump on a maid, the identity of whom he didn’t even know until she came in to clean his room, when all that classy sex was available and on tap.

Here’s a little speculative reconstruction that makes more sense:

DSK contacts the concierge and asks him to send up more pneumatic material. In preparation for the event, the IMF boss goes to the bathroom and undresses. He hears the door click open and, when he detects movement outside the bathroom door, leaps into action. He’s expecting someone pliant, but this lady is screaming the house down. Being an arrogant git, he’s angry. He demands oral sex as a consolation prize.

Did the concierge know DSK’s peccadilloes given he’d been to the hotel six times in ten months? More than likely.

So the two remaining questions are: was it mistaken identity? Or is Nafissatou Diallo part of a sting operation, chosen for her vulnerability, ease of being hidden from view, and likelihood of attracting the sympathy vote?

Oh, and one more question that could be crucial: why was Diallo granted asylum in the first place?

Stay tuned.