Ken Clarke enjoying a bit of harmless Schadenfreude

The Werritty saga is homophobia hiding behind ludicrously disproportionate hysteria

‘Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, accepted a £10,000 donation from the technology firm Dr Liam Fox met in Dubai,’ the Daily Telegraph mystifyingly told me today. During the election campaign, his flat was burgled, and there may have been a man staying there but it wasn’t Adam Werritty…who is, astonishingly, a full sixteen years younger than Mr Fox. I bet he isn’t a doctor, either. There’s funny business going on here, and no mistake.

Mr Fox seems to have broken Ministerial guidelines about jollies for mates….a ridiculously restrictive rule brought about by the appalling misuse of public money undertaken for twelve years by the likes of Lord Mandelson and his boyz. His successors (enter Jim Murphy again, looking equally confused) are floundering around, unable to find any concrete evidence of serious misdeeds, and thus coming up with Murphy’s farcical press comment of yesterday, “This is a judgement issue about David Cameron’s judgement”.

No it isn’t: this saga is about two things. But first, let me make one thing clear: I think and have always thought that Liam Fox is a booby.

With that out of the way, the real issues are, first, MoD Sir Humphreys having a little turf-war epi about advisers who aren’t from their fully pensioned-up ranks. And second, press homophobia and suggestions that Werritty and Fox are a bit of a knitting circle.

Taking each point in turn, maybe Werritty gives good advice. Ministers on trips with pinstripes are in a minority of one; sometimes it’s nice to talk to a person who might be telling the truth. And as to the bisexuality thing, so what?

The Mirror yesterday asserted that Fox met Arabs while in a Dubai hotel. Not aliens, then? Slovaks? This morning, the Guardian writes that ‘One of the prime minister’s most senior advisers Gabby Bertin was paid £25,000 by a major US drug company to work as a researcher for Liam Fox’s charity while he was shadow health secretary. Hang on, a Cameron adviser….with no health portfolio now….did work for a Health charity…..being run by Fox….while a consultant to Pfizer. So while a consultant to a health company, and thus an expert in health affairs, Ms Bertin gave her FREE time to help a charity inside which there is no evidence of anything beyond philanthropy by Liam Fox. This is pathetic stuff from the Guardianista Brigade.

The press is indulging in the same hysteria over a minor (and in many ways understandable) gaffe by the Defence Minister – just as it did over David Laws’ boyfriend. It is hypocritical cant unworthy of decent journalism. Let the mainstream media grow some balls at last – and start digging into how the Whitehall Wallies ripped Britain off to the tune of £1.3 trillion in unvoted pension entitlements.

Meanwhile, I’m off back to the disaster exploding across the Channel. You know….the one involving that EU thing all the Progressives have always told us was such a good idea. That ‘imponderable’ as they call it in the Tory Party.

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