Chinese blaggers: Slog exclusive on US super-dart loss gains credence.

Hague…announced that cyber blags rife

Further support for The Slog’s exclusive piece in August (about suspected blagging being behind the loss of a US ‘super-dart’ test) surfaced today on the Bloomberg news site.

A leaked Congressional Commission report affirms that the Chinese interfered with US satellites four times during 2007 and 2008. The intrusions ‘underscore the potential danger posed by hackers’, according to excerpts from the final draft due to be released last month. The report concludes that ‘Access to a satellite‘s controls could allow an attacker to damage or destroy the satellite.’ Washington sources told The Slog in August that an anti-cyber attack group in the Pentagon believes this kind of sabotage may solve the riddle of two super-darts being lost inexplicably during test flights.

Other cyber attacks with possible Chinese involvement include the ‘Night Dragon’ attacks on energy and petrochemical companies, and an effort to compromise the Gmail accounts of U.S. government officials, journalists and Chinese political activists, according to the draft.

Nine days ago, The Slog reported on Willy Vague’s somewhat delayed announcement that this sort of cyber caper is jolly well rife and we need to roll up our sleeves but it probably won’t do any good aaarrrg. This restored widespread panic throughout the UK, until that evening’s episode of Eastenders.