Garnering the Unaware Majority.

Awareness of our parlous state is the only thing not at record levels.

On the Friday before Christmas, a record 412bn euros were deposited at the EU’s central bank, the ECB. Some of this will be money from cheap loans given to the eurobanks last week by Mario Draghi. Take taxpayer money at 1% Tuesday, deposit with ECB at 3% Friday – result, happiness.

Hollywood released a record 28 film sequels this year.This is because short-term Bourse based capitalism demands returns above any other factor, including new ideas and doing something ground-breaking. It’s also the reason why ‘cross-over’ formats from another medium dominate the London stage.

In the face of record levels of alcohol-related illness and abuse, the prime minister wants a 40-50p minimum price per unit of alcohol in shops and supermarkets. Dave calls it his “big bang” approach to tackle Britain’s boozy culture. The evidence gathered in recent years from 13 EU States shows clearly that while price can affect purchase levels temporarily in some instances, it does not tackle an existing binge problem. There is in fact no correlation at all between absolute price and having a binge culture….as Britain demonstrates by having one of the most expensive price structures already.

However, there is a clue in that the extra tax revenue as a result of this move will go to the NHS. So then, thanks to idiotic fiscal policies, undermined cuts, bank bailouts, and the preference for gesture politics over studying data, Britain is once more doing the wrong thing in relation to alcohol.

This year, a record number of parents lied about postcodes in order to get their children into better State schools. This is a failure of teaching, and ethics. It may even be a failure of teachers to teach ethics to the adults who are now lying because those teachers are crap at teaching.

I could start at 9 am and surf the Web finding such examples until 11.30 pm tonight, but there would still be hundreds more instances to go at afterwards. I found the four above in twelve minutes this morning after waking up. What they respectively demonstrate is that the euro is doomed, but our money continues to be thrown at saving it; neocon capitalism discourages creativity in favour of money; politicians prefer votes to solutions; and their policies have delivered us a morally and materially bankrupt culture in which parents quite rightly want State education to be better – but lying is the only way to get it.

It is a sorry situation, is it not? The Left in particular would have us believe that things are as good as they ever were, but are about to be ruined by cuts. However, their news media are in dire financial straits, and at least part of the reason is that, just below the surface, fewer and fewer Brits believe the warped nonsense they churn out.

The rest of the Establishment continues to want to stay in a bankrupt EU, continues to do nothing substantive about immigration, and continues to follow social, foreign and economic policies that can only be ruinous for Britain. It gives us all phony websites where we can Have Our Say – and thinks that this solves the problem of a populace slowly realising that we need something far more radical than anything they have to offer.

There was a time when the media talked about The Silent Majority. I believe that we now have The Unaware Majority. By this, I do not mean ‘braindead’. That still remains around roughly 25% of the electorate. What I mean is the majority of people who are either apathetic (“It makes no difference”) or still going with the flow (“Something will turn up”). Together, they represent just under 65% of the total electorate, although roughly three-fifths of them don’t vote at all currently.

It isn’t a homogenous group. They variously (and mainly) think themselves to be Tory, Labour or uninterested. A minority sub-group are 45+ and middle to upmarket. A bigger sub-group are 18-30, middle to downmarket, and struggling to find employment. What they have in common is that, if made aware of the possibility of a radical approach to improving Britain’s culture, they would be in favour of it to various degrees.

The missing links at the moment are:
1. For folks to realise this is what they think, and work up the energy to move away from pc-think, the mainstream media and the major Parties.
2. Getting those people to believe that, via the internet – not individual bloggers – they can with organisation and minimal effort stop the mad folks in their tracks.

In the past, that has been an impossible ask. But if they don’t get some hope that people with influence somewhere have a real alternative to more of the same, they will become The Angry Majority. And that road leads to nothing nice at all.

Please, spare me the ‘nice dream John, but it’ll never work’ comments. If that’s what you think, then we’ll never get anywhere….and you’re just as big a *anker as David Cameron.