EUROZONE CRISIS: The Bundesbank’s ClubMed ban becomes an Unban.

Merkel the great Osti history-airbrusher strikes again

Jens Weidmann and the Bundesbank did not ban Greek, Irish and Portuguese bonds as collateral after all. The bank’s spokeswoman mis-spoke, and what she said was misheard. So said the Chancellery in Berlin last night. Herr Winston Schmidt in the Ministrie Kultur explained, “What Herr Weidmann was trying to say was he is a fan of ClubMed bonds, and somehow this appeared as ‘ban’ in several press releases and so people haff ze wrong idea gegotten, typical of careless mass-media. So please stop printing these lies, and then my family can be released.”

Well, we arrived at the year 1984 in Britain yesterday, and so it seems only fair to let the Germans be in the same book.

When everyone is lying and denying, and the populace aren’t paying attention, then it is the end.

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