Why Theresa May is an unthinking plank

Just a quicky.

Theresa May has been writing in a mass market newspaper this morning. The main drift of her defence of 24/7 East-German style monitoring is that it helped to catch Ian Huntley. That’s it.

Ms May chose as her medium for this message about email privacy invasion and listening to other people’s conversations….Murdoch’s Sun. Rupert Murdoch. The man whose newspapers hacked into Huntley’s victims.

What a tooth-rattlingly, bp-raising piece of arrogant stupidity.

Why can our Home Secretary not see the wood for the trees? Because she is a plank fashioned from that self-same wood. Why does Theresa May need to hire people to listen to everyone? Because she never listens to anyone herself.

I rarely ask for this these days, but please can somebody help these observations go viral?

Thanks in anticipation.

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