Fanny Adams goes for Roy Hodgson. Oh Dear.

I am dyed-in-the-wool RED: the colour blue was banned from our house when I was a kid. But I’d rather City won the Premiership (just this once) than have the English Fanny Adams appoint yet another deadbeat, obedient England manager.

Yes, the FA has done it again. Roy Hodgson seems a nice enough bloke, but his cupboards are filled with Readers’ Digest back numbers, not trophies.

Why didn’t the F**k All folks at least interview Harry Redknapp? Do they know something we don’t about his tax affairs?

Time before last they overlooked O’Neill, the greatest practitioner at making silk purses from sows’ ears. The manager who had that skill before him was Cloughie….also overlooked. The man who had it before them was….Alf Ramsey: the only World Cup winning manager we’ve ever had.

How do these pillocks get it wrong for 46 years and remain in place? I don’t know. All I do know is that I no longer  want these provincial greengrocers with sweaty bald heads running English football.

Perhaps the problem is that, now Murdoch effectively owns the FA, they’re on some sweet deal from him to screw up England’s chances of ever winning anything again….old Wrinkly Roop’s main obsession being the destruction of all things English.

Which makes them Sweet FA. And that’s about as much use as these tossers will ever be.