NEWSCORP: Alive and well and still pulling the strings among Britain’s elite

Savilegate & Plebgate show only too clearly that the Murdoch hobgoblin is out of its coffin once more

Those even now still incapable of spotting the Newscorp agenda in relation to the BBC/Savile farrago will doubtless be ‘appalled of Kettering’ about the Sun’s front page this morning, which features a Tweenies episode on the BBC including a ‘vile, sick Jimmy Savile’ character in it. The usual ‘fury’ and ‘outrage’ clichés were in abundance, and The Scum revelled in claiming that it had been ‘swamped with calls and emails’.

The Wapping liars had clearly gone to a great deal of trouble to wind up some of Savile’s former victims in order to feature more damning quotes about it being “a bloody insult” and so forth. This extract in particular is a cracker:

’52-year old mother of two Deborah from Gravesend, Kent said “The BBC needs a complete overhaul of management”, which is exactly what you’d expect Debbie in Kent to say, really. She probably also added that a two-speed internet, VXX ETFs, and the manipulation of the Libor rate were a dibollikal libatty in terday’s multkulchralsiety.

Only right at the bottom of a long column on this event does the dear old Currant Bun note that ‘the episode was first shown in 2001’. Ah, right: just the 12 years before the lid blew off Sir Jimmy, then. Fair enough, it’s a cockup and the BBC should’ve spotted the content, then binned the episode. But the impression given throughout the piece is that a gang of mad paedophiles still secretly running the BBC had made the episode recently in order to cock a snoot at the likes of Mum Danielle Davies, of Hull, East Yorks, who said: “I cannot believe how inappropriate this is.” The way you do in Hull.

Of course, having bred the thick-as-a-brick generation over the last 44 years, Rupert and his Pals can now benefit from using such knee-jerkers as yet more spitting slings and arsey arrows against the Beeb. It’s onwards and upwards as always for the Men from Murdoch….and not just on this front.

The Sun’s orchestration of the Plebgate affair is there for anyone owning just the one mad, wobbly terrorist eye to see, with another deviously misleading piece today underlining how Dave and his senior Mandarin Sir Jeremy Heywood had made zero effort to really get at the truth – which is, of course, entirely accurate.

What’s missing from the Sun lead is why that might have been, who was behind the false whistle-blowing cop, and whether or not the Whip he contacted was already primed to know the Newscorp story would break. The media set-up has Rupertbollocks plastered all over it, but this latest article merely contains the coy reference, ‘The Sun exposed last September’s confrontation’. But rest assured it didn’t plan the whole farce as yet another revenge on Traitor Cameron: ooooooo nonononononono. That’s why the Digger’s admirer-chums Jeremy and Boris were so quick to shout ‘political set-up’ and back Andrew ‘Plebs’ Mitchell to the hilt.

It’s merely another everyday tale of distortion and deception from those wonderful folks who brought you Hackgate, police bribery, threats against MPs, and deals offering Party support in return for a UK media monopoly. The last element of 3D bollocks is of course distraction, and most of the above serves to keep the paedo-focus on Camerlot and the Beeb, but well away from anything unearthed by arch enemy Tom Watson at the now infamous Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, Barnes.

In fact, both the Murdoch Wappers and the Barclaysark Telegraphers have imposed a tight news blackout on events in south London. There are many reasons why this might be, but now isn’t the time to go into them. Suffice to say that – as during the early weeks of Hackgate – the Elm-ban is there because neither organisation particularly relishes the prospect of full-scale revelations about former Elmers.