At the End of the Day

Holier than thou politicians are breeding political atheism

Allow me please to share with you tonight a few thoughts that have been dancing through my mind over the last few days.

If you take the total ounces of gold held by the United State of America (that is their gold, as opposed to somebody else’s being housed for ‘safe’ keeping) and divide it into the Everest of debt owed by that State, will that give you the eventual price per ounce that gold will reach? If so, that price will be considerably higher than the $1598.95 at which it ended today’s session in New York. Indeed, if the US has sold as much of its Fort Knox contents as I suspect it has to the Chinese, then that number will be a gigantic multiple of $1598.95. But that’s just me being old-fashioned, and imagining a world back on the gold standard, where money is worth what the printer says it is.

Here’s another one: if you take the total amount of global savings in private hands, would it be enough to eradicate the total derivative obligations taken on by the banks? I can tell you the answer now from pure back-of-envelope maths: not in a million years. So I’m left asking, what is the point of using currency and capital controls to stop us evading State theft of our monies? And why are the lunatics bothering with that State theft in the first place? The answer (I suspect) is they calculate that, by the time the value has been inflated away, it will be enough to settle the crazy bill. Except that such an idea doesn’t begin to compute, because they will have inflated away the value of our money too.

The conclusion I’ve reached is this. Trying to ‘understand’ what’s going on at the top, and expecting it to make any sense, is a fruitless exercise, because the people at the top are mad, corrupt and depraved individuals who simply shouldn’t be there. They have been recruited from an assortment of oddballs who variously believe that the main qualities to have as a leader are zero commercial experience, zero connection with the electorate, zero foresight, zero ethics, zero grasp of reality, zero consideration of consequences, and zero grasp of selfless public service.

They’re the same people cursed with an unhealthy worship of money and power, a wonkish belief that people with an IQ in double figures find them either likeable or credible, a misguided sense of destiny, a bizarre belief that we might think they’re just like us, and an unshakeable faith in their ability to tell whoppers without being detected.

They’re absolutely convinced that saying things like totally unacceptable, let’s be clear about this, zero tolerance, passionate dedication, I mean this quite sincerely, you have my word, cast-iron promise and drawing a line in the sand are seen by thinking citizens as anything other than completely risible clichés to be ignored by both them and us.

These are the folks who feel they have a right to rule. There is no rational basis whatsoever for this belief, but their conviction is absolute. Somehow – at some point in a deluded past comprising denial and unjustified aspiration – the thought has taken shape in their impenetrable minds that we all want to work our nuts off just so we can listen to their bombast, and believe it to be worthy of our rapt attention and undiluted hero-worship.

For such people, every intervention by reality comes as a surprise. They get surprisingly bad GDP figures, surprisingly high unemployment numbers, surprisingly low bank lending, surprisingly big import bills, and surprisingly unexpected surprises. They are surprised by insolvency, riots, criminality, embezzlement, winter, and drought.

But the fault lies with us, because we vote for these naively self-confident spivs over and over again. Western electorates have become unable to tell the honest reformer from the dishonest performer. They call Tony Blair a safe pair of hands, Gordon Brown a fiscal genius, Barack Obama a Great Man, Nick Clegg a breath of fresh air, and Boris Johnson a good bloke who tells it like it is. And they do so because a lazy, compliant media set tells them that’s what they should think.

The loons on the top table believe they can keep this game of perpetual expectation going, but they can’t. Creeping up on every Establishment now is a syndrome one could call the Destruction of Belief. MPs, priests, policemen, judges, teachers, bankers, accountants, Peers, footballers, celebrities, Presidents and Prime Ministers are all being found out. They’re not up to it, they add no value….and to make things worse, they can’t be trusted.

The incorruptible leaders are no more. Today’s crop can’t back up their Promise to Pay on the currency, and they can’t keep their fingers out of our tills. So we no longer give them our approval at best, or the benefit of the doubt at worst: we simply disbelieve. Today, the majority of Western electorates are political atheists.

Once you lose your faith in the Chief, the King, the Supreme Leader, the President or the Prime Minister, it’s all over….especially if you see no alternative. If all the contenders have the same propensity to rob, lie and deceive, then all respect for the State goes. An epidemiology of disbelief is spreading throughout the West, and it will sooner or later consume all those who deny it food. My fear is that, along the way, it will also consume liberty, democracy, community, and decency.