CYPRUS LEAKS: MoA signed without Parliamentary approval as Troikanauts give Cyprus the Greece treatment

Annexation in action as liberal democracy dies on the vine


You may remember that there was supposed to be a vote in the Cypriot Parliament – an imminent vote, in fact – about whether the final MoA with the Troika was acceptable to that legislature. Dr Schäubleliebe tried to weazel round that by saying it wasn’t necessary because of some guff or other he’d just come up with, but he was (for once) ignored.

But not much has happened since then. Or to be precise, nothing has happened at all. Today I’ve been handed this document by an Athens source:


It shows that both Cypriot bigwigs have signed this binding agreement….without the Cyprus Assembly having seen it. Ironically, Klaus Regling hasn’t. Also notable is this document which shows that that Troikanauts have learned absolutely zip-all from their brainless destruction of the Greek economy…or that they know exactly what they’re doing, and are getting better at it all the time. It all depends on your viewpoint, really.

Included in the demand-smothering, citizen-pauperising proposals at that link above are the abolition of ‘a number of redundant and overlapping schemes’ (their words) such as the mothers’ allowance, other family allowances and educational allowances; higher taxes on pensions; Increases in excise duties on energy, i.e., on oil products, by increasing tax rate on motor fuels (petrol and gasoil) by 7% – a truly spectacular irony that one; and a 6% rise in the rate of VAT.

Some of you may have seen the post I put up yesterday (linked below) about new property taxes which must be in place before this agreement can come into effect at all. If on reading that you doubted that a rebellion is on its way here among the Cypriot merchant class, you shouldn’t doubt it now. There is a level of hatred building up on the island of Cyprus that, while richly deserved by Brussels-am-Berlin, is going to be just one more hot-lava flow heading straight for the Pompeii run by van Rompuy.

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