At the End of the Day

All quiet on the Twitter front today.

I’d like if I may to point up a ‘conversation’ that took place on the topic of twitter abuse today. It began harmlessly like this, with a tweet from me on the subject of the Criado-Perez event – which shot to No1 out of nowhere:

‘BTW @JulianSimpson1 @DeborahJaneOrr @waxpancake @soniafaleiro, why assumption all trolling done by men 2 women? I have some beauts of abuse’

Simple statement of fact. Anyone spot any signs of nasty male misogyny there? OK, well quite a few did: this was the ‘response’ of fab D J Orr that came down the line soon afterwards:

‘@nbyward @JulianSimpson1 @waxpancake @soniafaleiro We’re all sorry that it’s not about you, John. : (‘

Well, there you have it: the reasoned response of an MSM left-of-centre woman. Make of it what you will. But the blood now ever so slightly up, I posted this to the coven…a not altogether sensible tweet as it turned out:

‘Does it ever occur to u is no fem-male equivalent of misogyny? Doesn’t exist, yet does. :-(‘

It turned out I was wrong. I got his reply back from @rhi_lassiter :

‘Yes it does, Like all men you pretend it doesn’t, but it’s called misandry’

Oops. Bang to rights. So being a gent – and it would hard to disagree on that given I’d never heard of the word and so felt guilty – I wrote this in reply across three Tweets:

@rhi_lassiter OK Rhiannon, I apologise. I looked it up in the COD and Google, nothing. Look, I don’t want to engage in a debate, I’d (more)….@rhi_lassiter …much rather stop all abuse and force Twitter to take fucking responsibility. Do remember too that “men” is bigoted (more)….@rhi_lassiter and no different to saying “niggers”. A lot of feckless, controlling men are crap: those of us who aren’t resent stereotyping.’

Seemed a reasonable enough and generally repentent comment to me. I’d say it had the sound of hammers nailing bridges together. This is what came back:

@nbyward if you resent stereotyping, read some feminism 101 sites and find out why feminists discount hackneyed arguments by ‘nice guys’…@nbyward this all reads like “oh nos what about the poor men” derailing a discussion of real misogyny into alleged anti male prejudice….@nbyward and men who are not ‘crap’ wouldn’t react defensively to being informed that “calm down” is problematic speech in this context….@nbyward using the term “men” is completely different to the n word because men haven’t experienced a history of oppression.’


I was going to reply. But then this panel came up when I tried:

‘rhiannonlassiter ‏@rhi_lassiter  @rhi_lassiter’s account is protected.’

You see, this is what my leftwing friends don’t take into account when I say the UK Left won’t engage, and the feminist Left will engage so long as you blokes just shut the f**k up and listen while I play out my twisted issues in public.

How many people of either gender would react in the way that this woman did when handed a multi-leaved olive branch? What is she being protected from –  abuse, being told she’s wrong, or informed that she’s away with the Harmanite Space Militia?

I reason, you shout, I say sorry, you yell, then I’m banned. Oh dear.

Is there a point to this beyond me gnawing at a bone? Yes there is, and a very real one indeed it is.

While these gratuitous comebacks and pathetic Leninspart rants give such folks a warm feeling somewhere, the Tories have us all trussed up like so many December turkeys. And you know what? We deserve it. We deserve it as much as Wayne and Waynetta Slob melded into their pizza-spewed sofa deserve to be melted down for glue by the next Newscory Government but one. We are gagging for it. “Oh yes please Roop, take me roughly please while I debate the meaning of gender wars with my chum over here Rosa Trotsky and her submissive pc men friends in the Pissoir-Smashing Front for the Liberation of Poor Enslaved Girlies”.

Sorry folks, but the UFD is off the menu as of now. It’s a pointless exercise, because the warring tribes of pinhead angel-dividers would rather argue about which end of a boiled egg one should tap open first. And the barbarians with their shouted mantras and bollocks-filled rewritten Marxist dialectics would rather wank than fight.

Revisit those initials: Unaligned Front for Decency. Nah, forget it: there is no decency left, only infantile anger, obscene streams of drivel, Muscovite syntax, and insane neoliberal denial. Britain is beyond help, because the decent folk are being shouted down by the ideologues.

It’s not been the best day of my life, but this is not an admission of defeat. I don’t care how many bullies send halfwit trolls, deranged deniers, twisted gender warriors and patronising hacks my way. I will find a way to keep on telling it as it is based on empirical evidence….and not the wish-fulfilment of blinkered donkeys or foul-mouthed hobgoblins and morons who don’t know the difference between North and South America.

It is not true, I must conclude, that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. What’s vital to the success of evil is for forty-seven variants of self-righteousness to disappear up their constipated, self-regarding, pimply backsides. Let’s face it: anything rather than do something constructive.

Goodnight, and thanks for reading.

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