At the End of the Day

The Mind boggles

If there is a theme to this grab-bag tonight, I suppose you could define it as The Inversion of the Universal.

For example, we are assailed by increasing numbers of self-confessedly serious people who refuse to accept the reality of the Holocaust; that is to say, Holocaust Deniers. But this afternoon, I was wondering why there are no Gulag Archipelago deniers. After all, Stalin’s industrial-scale imprisonment and murder of millions of his own people is poorly documented compared to Hitler’s Final Solution. But no muscle-bound, foul-mouthed inadequate is out there in the Blogosphere claiming that Aleksander Solzhenytsin made the entire thing up in order to sell more books, curry sympathy in the West, and thus escape to America.

It makes you think. Come to think of it, there are no Krakatoa deniers, even if the place is West (not East) of Java. No Watergate deniers. No Roehm Purge deniers, Munich Disaster Deniers, IRA bombed Tory Conference deniers, and very few Jimmy Savile Groomed a Nation deniers….even though he pretty obviously didn’t do anything of the kind.

Could it be, I ask myself, that none of these are denied because they don’t involve the Jews? We cannot tell as yet, but I think we should be on some kind of alert. Or could it be that none of those events could be hijacked to make a looney point? Is there an Arab/Hamas/Turkish/Guardian conspiracy to keep us from the real truth that Jews are just like everyone else, except ownership of a genius gene in the ways of wealth creation?

Further, the 1970s were full of Red Army Malign Intent deniers. Such folks used the denial to add grist to that rumour mill suggesting the USSR felt “encircled” and thus had to defend itself….even though fully 2/5ths of the entire Soviet coastline is a permafrost ice-floe. But that same (and ensuing) eras have remained full of US First to the Moon deniers. Are these simply more of the world’s deranged trying to make Soviet legs good, Yankee legs bad? I think people are holding out on us here, and we should be given the full, explicit truth.

Of course, there are Rupert Murdoch is a Sad Psychotic Gargoyle deniers, but here too the same thing applies: are not Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Australians, and Michael Fallon simply trying to rationalise the existence of a man they insanely admire? Lest we forget, in the Nineties and Naughties, there were Tony Blair is a Greedy little Grub deniers, just as now we have Investment Bankers are Depraved deniers, Neoliberalism is a Crock of Drivel deniers, and Islamists Hate Women deniers. Seems to me each of these is, respectively a risible defence of I’m Still Voting Labour, I’m Still getting Bonuses, and I like being a Titbrained Islamic bloke cos I get to wear white not black.

Yes, oddly enough there is always an agenda. Apply that last word to radical feminism, for example, and one gender (them) is exactly what they’d like. So bizarre histories about male imprisonment over milleniums are preferred to the tawdry reality: that men frequently first lust after, then neglect and finally ignore the women they marry – or with whom they cohabit to become a Significant Other. Women have much of the real power between their legs, but have failed to capitalise on this. Somehow, the idea that this is all the fault of men has taken root: I wish I understood how or why.

Every last denial of empirical reality as measured by behaviour is, ultimately, a means to an end: and that end is the creation of a belief system that must be nurtured initially, and then over time insisted upon….otherwise, the High Priests have no raison d’etre. What begins as paranoid suspicion becomes an article of faith. But just as the crucifix of legend would shrivel all vampires, hobgoblins and demons, in the ‘real’ 3-D world, insistent and diligent observation will always deconstruct bollocks.

So here goes. Antisemitism and Stalinism are both mass-murdering philosophies based on schizoid hate. The Soviet Union was Russian Imperialism continued under another guise, and American techno-financial manipulation is every bit as pernicious in 2013 as the KGB was in 1973. The Tory Party is being hijacked by greedy sociopaths; Ed Miliband is a front man of no wisdom and little value; Murdoch, banker, and neoliberal economic theory apologists are all full of rationalised sh*t pretending to be putty. Islamism is misogynist, radical feminism is misandrist, and the following people are/were in public life for reasons based almost entirely on personal power mania and mindless hubris: Tim Yeo, Ed Balls, Harriet Harman, Boris Johnson, Christine Lagarde, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Evangelos Venizelos (né Stavros), Mario Draghi, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Louise Mensch.

Just as in capitalist fiscal debt we are seeing a hyperinflation so rampant it becomes ridiculous, so too denialism and apologism are suffering from the same Grand Canyon of credibility gap. We have bollocks, but we really should be calling it trollocks….or zollocks. Or simply be done with it, and dismiss the whole thing as incurable blindness.

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