Miliband the confused Commissar: out for the count, and in for a pasting

EddeadYou have all, no doubt, witnessed the British media’s attempt over the last 24 hours to depict Ed Miliband as the heir to Fidel Castro. The truth is that ‘Red’ Ed is in reality Infidel Castrol: an oleaginous spillage capable of running nobody knows where…..but utterly incapable of retaining a principle about anything for longer than five minutes.

Consider these facts about Miliband’s ‘Socialism’. The Labour leader has revealed his intention to appoint Alan Buckle, deputy chairman at accountants KPMG, to investigate how the role and powers of the Low Pay Commission could be extended to strengthen the minimum wage.

KPMG is an arm of ATOS, a Group whose initials might well stand for All Types of Omnivorous Sh*theads. For Atos is the French firm of sociopathic gargoyles run by Thierry Breton……the firm that this very same Ed Firebrand wants to fire from running work capability assessments for the DWP. There’s a good reason to fire them: they get more client complaints than any other single Coalition supplier – which really is saying something.

In early 2005, the United States arm of KPMG was accused by the United States Department of Justice of fraud in marketing abusive tax shelters. In 2006, Fannie Mae sued KPMG for malpractice for approving years of erroneous financial statements.

In February 2007, KPMG Germany was investigated for ignoring questionable payments in the Siemens bribery case. In March 2008, KPMG was accused of enabling “improper and imprudent practices” at New Century Financial, a failed mortgage company. KPMG agreed to pay $80 million to settle suits from Xerox shareholders over manipulated earnings reports. In April 2013, Scott London – a former KPMG partner in charge of its US Los Angeles-based Pacific Southwest audit practice – admitted passing on stock tips about clients, including Herbalife (HLF.N), Skechers (SKX.N) and other companies, to his friend, Bryan Shaw, a California jewellery-store owner. In return Shaw gave London $60,000 as well as gifts that included a $12,000 Rolex watch.

Now let’s look into Atos. The company blurb says it provides ‘high technology transactional services’ and ‘managed services and systems’. So much for the bollocks. Putting those testicles to one side, Atos has been dogged by allegations of bad practice in recent years…. yet continues to win massive contracts from the UK Government. Amazing how often that pattern keeps on repeating in Camerlot – like a roll of 1950’s nursery wallpaper: in a written response to the House of Commons last June, Mark Hoban, Minister of State for Work and Pensions, revealed that Atos had thus far been  awarded approximately £1.6bn worth of contracts.

Acting on behalf of the DWP, Atos has conducted many Work Capability Assessments or WCAs. As a result of these, it has been the butt of extensive allegations of severe client distress, and also widespread deaths, amongst those assessed.

Ironically, BBC technology systems (including the BBC website) are now managed by Atos. So we find ourselves in the audience for an amusing tableau in which the Tory Party despises the BBC as a hotbed of Communism – and thinks Miliband to be a fully signed-up secret agent working for it – while Miliband’s own supporters must stomach the fact that the Labour leader is in bed with a Group that makes Mr Gradgrind look like a model of philanthropic mutualist capitalism.

If Ed Miliband is a mad scientist trying to recreate the USSR in Britain, then I am a Ruritanian princess trying to prove that Venus is a pancake.

The British Left took leave of its senses several decades ago. The UK’s right wing media are in the process of doing the same. How surreal this destructive connection between the Looney Left and the Risible Right is. How completely hopeless Ed Miliband is as a leader of the Labour Party.

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