At the End of the Day

There is something strangely apposite about two of the Tower of London ravens being killed by an urban fox. This brings the Raven count down to eight….two more deaths without issue, and we’ll be down to six.

Six is the point at which (so legend has it) the Monarchy, kingdom and tower itself will collapse into something ghastly – perhaps a hole made by the sort of absolutely vital fracking without which (as we’ve been told so many times) Britain can’t survive anyway.

Britain was, of course, the country under New Labour that frittered away 237 hours of Parliamentary time making fox-hunting illegal. Much as I have less than no time for the fox-hunting fraternity, foxes are at the end of the day vermin who contribute nothing beyond irreparable damage to our farmed fowl economy. The ban on fox-hunting spearheaded by the Labour Left could indeed be summarised as the irrelevant dissident in pursuit of the irreverent dissembler.

There is, however, something deliciously ironic about a Conservative-led Coalition championing country pursuits while at the same time taking bribes from a building industry keen to cover what remains of our countryside in houses. Trollope would’ve had a field day working with that, although I doubt he would’ve foreseen a day when field sports were frowned upon.

Equally, I can’t resist a wry smile about all those battery-hen haters whose desire for free-range chickens means more avian deaths at the hands of the Fox they’re keen to save. (For myself, I am hugely against battery hens, and hugely in favour of wily foxes trying to kill aimlessly wandering chickens and being killed when they try: that seems to me a consistent support for the natural order of things. It is up to the farmer to protect his birds, not interfere with nature).

Where am I going with all this? Only here: the political Executive in Britain today on either side of the House is ineluctably wedded to the unnatural. On the Right we have the championing of material greed, brutish self-abuse, and the unrestricted, anti-social ego. On the Left I see only support for Utopian dreams, bad science, ignorant naivety and minority drama-causes. On both sides I perceive a commonality of unethical compromise, denial of reality, and oligarchic control freakery.

This is not democracy. They are choosing cloned lobby-fodder, and we are putting crosses in boxes. It is the ultimate Platonic nightmare in which an electorate which knows little or nothing puts its politically illiterate cross next to a brand which knows little or nothing beyond more of the same.

I call this chickens electing foxes. Or put another way, turkeys voting for Christmas.

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