“Cleared” cab-maker dumped by local constituency

timredtitleTim Yeo, a man of the taxi-for-hire tendency, has been MP for South Suffolk since 1983, and wanted to stand again in 2015. Now he’ll have to do so as an Independent. Although I’m sure there’s a nice cosy cell waiting for him somewhere if times get too hard.

Just a short time ago, Yeo was cleared by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards of breaking lobbying rules, a body whose lack of primary senses is a tragedy when you consider that Tim was filmed by Sunday Times hacks peddling corrupt influence. He had also admitted coaching a business associate about what to say in evidence to the committee he chaired. But no, not guilty said the PCS: the this “watchdog” said the Newscorpers had used “subterfuge, misrepresentation and selective quotation” in its report. So the next time a plain motorway cop car does you for speeding, go to the Parliamentary Cover-up Society.

The Met won’t touch him for fiddling the taxi emission data (probably because the Mayor tells them it’s a “waste of police resources”) and the “watchdog” might lick him all over, but the South Suffolk Conservatives booted him out. So bizarre as it might seem, we are all in their debt this morning. But let us not forget that the deselectors are themselves accomplished politicians. It was rather disingenuous of South Suffolk Tory Peter Burgoyne to say last July that, “No moves are being made by the Association to deselect Mr Yeo. As of today, Mr Yeo has not yet made any request to be reselected as the candidate for South Suffolk in 2015, so the question of deselection does not arise.”

Worthy of Mandelson at his best, that one. Anyway, a slug has fallen into the briny. As the Blessed Margaret Thatcher would’ve snarled, “Just rejoice!”

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