DLT RETRIAL: Why is a BBC dj more important as a cps sex-crime target than a former Home Secretary?

brittanptnetIt’s a reasonable question to ask. Dave Lee Travis is being retried on two charges of sexual assault, dating from the period when – according to pinched-goblin Miranda Moore QC – he had suddenly morphed from “aggressive sexual predator” to “dirty old man”.

The usual Plod Stepford wife crap about “girls as young as fifteen years old” continues to be trotted out. But there was one accuser who was aged 15 in 1976, and the jury dismissed the charge in short order.

Police collusion and pay-offs in forces as widespread as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds enabled Plod to turn a blind eye to Jimmy Savile’s predilection for young girls. I remain doubtful that any of these girls were pre-pubescent (Savile’s psychotic sexuality was aimed chiefly at the disabled); however, the fact remains that the Boys in Blue either ignored or missed whatever criminality existed in the late DJ’s soul. They’re now mopping up other BBC DJ’s in a disgusting attempt to cover up their own corrupt incompetence.

But other forces are in play here. The CPS decision is, in my informed view, politically motivated. We have seen how the Met Police conspired with both senior politicians and Newscorp bigwigs to pervert justice in the Hackgate inquiry. And we have observed the thinly-disguised desire of the Conservative Party’s rabid Right to raze the BBC to the ground, and replace it with the Murdochesque Theatre of Mammon.

Tonight we read and hear that Labour’s Harman and Dromey dismiss the charges against them and Patricia Hewitt (of having promoted the cause of the Paedophile Information Exchange) as “a gross distortion of the truth”. I’d like to see them defend that in Court, given that – as members of the NCCL in the early 1970s – all of this Troika argued for the reduction of sexual consent age to ten. But is the CPS interested in this? It is not.

Similarly, the Borisonian conspiracy of silence about the now four times closed and reopened Elm House paedophile investigation remains as full-volume testimony to the desire of the Conservative Party to hide genuinely abusive (perhaps murderous) paedophile behaviour among its own ranks. Is the CPS interested in finally bringing charges against a former Tory Home Secretary who suppressed the truth of the matter? It is not.

I have posted ad nauseam about the former case in the past. I will be posting in some detail about the latter saga tomorrow. But I predict that nothing will be done in either case – because the Establishment will always protect its own…unless public outcry forces it to throw somebody to the wolves.

It seems that we are now choosing to forget the widespread existence of rapacious groupies during the 1960s and 1970s. All I can say is that this is Orwellian air-brushing of the most pernicious kind. It is the same air-brushing desperate to spray over the reality that over 80% of all paedophilia is familial: willfully ignored by our various constabularies…in favour of a political witch-hunt against celebrities.

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