The LABoraTORY strikes again: Westminster adopts Jeremy Hunt approach on paedophile connections

brittanThe only Cabinet Minister in 1982 with the initials ‘LB’

The Dave Lee Travesty nightmare of show trials pushes ever onwards, but verily I say unto you brethren, no legal hand shall touch the collar of our rulers. Jeremy Hunt shall avoid tax but remain in the Cabinet, and he shall try bending a BSkyB bid in Murdoch’s favour but remain a public servant. David Cameron shall take a bribe from the construction industry, and Michael Gove shall ignore every planning rule in Britain. Ed Balls shall cover up the mess at CoOp and continue as Shadow Chancellor. And of course, Harriet Harman shall at last be forced to face her NCCL past, and say simply, “These allegations are all completely untrue”. Lord Brittan, meanwhile, sits quietly somewhere, and thinks, “I am saying nothing”. As defences, they’re only a shade either side of Ezak Hunt’s “I have done nothing wrong”.

So today I would like to kick off a double-header here with the case of Lord (formerly Leon) Brittan. Let’s just lay out all that disturbingly consistent evidence, and then wonder why the cps is wasting its money on a sad old BBC DJ who has never kiddy-fiddled in his life.

This is a confiscation notice put out by what was then the Customs & Excise service in August 1982:

LBseizureIt identified the owner of the material quite clearly as R H Tricker. This is Russell Howard-Tricker, still with us and resident in Amsterdam. He is a paedophile pimp and paedo-porn distributor of some note:

rhtrickerAnd this os one of his associates, Don Busby, being helped across the road by a kindly Dutch vice cop.


In the third paragraph down of the HMC&E extract above. you will see quite clearly one video marked ‘LB’. The tape was of a British Cabinet Minister assaulting a young boy. From 5 January 1981 – 11 June 1983, Leon Brittan was the Home Secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet. No other Cabinet members had a name fitting those initials: there is a JB and a KB and for all I know half the KGB, but there is only one LB….Leon Brittan.

As far as I know, Lord Brittan was also the only member of that Cabinet acquainted with Howard-Tricker. Tricker, now 72 and based in Amsterdam, is a former private school teacher convicted of child sex offences in the UK, who used his second career as a coach driver to ferry suitable boys from London. That is, he’s a child-trafficker. He is associated with a number of openly paedo clubs in Amsterdam, including Boy Cream and De Boy. He has been in Amsterdam, having fled the UK….in 1982. He also was associated (may still be, I’m unsure because it’s so secretive) with a vintage vehicle site called AEC. This runs railway services for children among many other things. It has 470 and is a totally closed site…odd for an innocent vintage vehicle organisation.

This is the classic paedophile pattern: get close to children by every means possible, and then flee to Amsterdam when caught. As you can see, it doesn’t bear much resemblance to the life history of Dave Lee Travis.

Howard-Tricker’s haul was seized and the LB tape seen. Home Secretary LB decided not to proceed.

In November 1983, Geoffrey Dickens MP presented the first full dossier on Elm House to Home Secretary Leon Brittan. It disappeared.

Two other vicious paedophiles, Alan Williams and Warwick Spinks, are engaged in the same trade. Spinks was released early from prison last May, but nobody in the prison service seems interested in talking about it. Both men are known to Russell Howard-Tricker, who in turn is associated with Peter Glencross and John Rowe…known by elements in the Met to have been prime movers in the ‘change of usage of Elm House from gay to paedo brothel.

All five men were members of PIE – the Paedophile Information Exchange. A dossier on PIE also went missing when Leon Brittan was a Home Office minister.

Over the weekend, Sunday Express staff were talking about a major splash naming “a  former 1980s senior Conservative and confidante of Margaret Thatcher”. Instead, this is what ran on the inside pages:

SExpress23214ptnetI’ve marked up the key points left out of the article by the Express…which clearly got nobbled at the last minute:

1. The coach driver was Russell Howard-Tricker

2. The Amsterdam Tramway is another vintage vehicle cover for his activities.

3. The tape containing the video of a Cabinet Minister buggering a boy was marked ‘LB’.

Instead, however, the Daily Star – Dirty Dicky Desmond’s sister paper to the Express – decided to splash with this load of old drivel….


..which I deconstructed here last Sunday evening. Weapons of mass distraction and all that: why use a Tory paper to drop Cameron and Clegg in the PIE-poo when you can use it to put out more bollocks about BBC DJs?

Here’s why those two would indeed by wading upside down in poo if this ever got to Court: During late 2010, David Cameron hired Leon Brittan as a temporary Trade Minister. The recommendation came from….Nick Clegg. Clegg’s father is a very close friend of Leon Brittan.

What I’ve given you here is the tip of the iceberg incriminating the less than mysterious ‘LB’.

For many years (while Harriet Harman was a legal ‘brain’ at the NCCL) PIE was closely affiliated to that organisation. More on that later.

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