THE PAEDOFILE: While Miranda Moore QC goes for a second bite of DLT, the site ‘Alice Love’ is openly attracting pre-pubertal sex perverts

AlicemagThe strange case of the political cps and the incompetent Plod

If the shot above makes you feel uneasy, congratulations, you’re normal. Had PIE’s insane ideas about lowering the age of consent to 5 years old been taken forward, no doubt these days every website would be adorned with child pin-ups. The one above – Alice Love – has infants in come-on poses plastered all over its home page. It’s not hidden: it’s up there and out there: no trumpeted Prime Ministerial deal with ISPs is necessary to find it.

In late 1960s/early 1970s Britain, a remarkable trend was under way to suggest that everything was normal and should be tolerated. It came from the bourgeois liberal/Left…and was exploited by the nice-shoes wearers of the Hard Right Monday Club. The end result was something that both major political Parties (and Leon Brittan intimate Nick Clegg) are desperate for the electorate not to grasp – or, if they already know, to forget it.

The Daily Mail last week, in classic style, hammered away at the coven in the NCCL. Somehow, it managed not to mention the odd case of Leftwing Tory Peter Bottomley being in the Rightwing Monday Club. Yes, of course the Dacre Mail has an agenda. But left’s face it, thus far the Liberty Troika are not coming out of it awfully well.

The double-talk from Labour’s 1970s fluffies continues. You-can-do-it if you Patricia Hewitt kicks off with the lame excuse that she’s “been away for 12 days” in order to explain her silence. But she has now issued a statement.

In it, Hewitt says the NCCL was “naive” over its links with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), but she had never condoned the “vile crimes” of paedophiles.

Well hang on a minute duckie, the clue’s in the name isn’t it? Paedofile information etc? In an unrelated event, the Prime Minister said he had been naive about his links to Newscorp hackers, but he had never condoned the vile crime of phone hacking.

Ludicrous doubletalk. And Jack Droney is repeating that he has repeatedly condemned paedophiles repetitively in the past over and over again repeatedly in the media and Labour Party publications lots of times repeatedly. Except, um, he hasn’t issued any evidence of these 24/7 repeats yet, as such.

What real paedophiles do is this: they go to jobs, careers, sites and forums to gain access to infants because they’re convinced that people under four feet tall just can’t wait to get started in the rumpy-pumpy business. They think this because they are deranged to varying degrees.

In reality, there are not that many of them per 000 of population. But there are plenty of sites catering for their needs. Alice Love boasts of its readership as follows:


The date shows that I took this pic-capture in the early hours of this morning. Over 7,600 posts, and 6,600 members. The link to it is above. Try it. It’s truly delightful.

Now I realise this might just be me thinking things are easier than they seem, but I’d like to address some questions to a few of the key players in the Sex Crime industry that is mushrooming in Britain, just as the Race Relations career did fifty years ago:

1. Tell me Metropolitan Police, are your mediaeval surveillance techniques up to monitoring this site and tracing those who put sleazy posts up there about what a great bloke Tom O’Carroll was? Or are you too busy tailing homosexually harmless DJ Paul Gambaccini to get round to the 6,600 mainstream? Or put another way Met Plod, what first attracted you to celebrity Dave Lee Travis?

2. Can you explain to me, dear Miranda Moore QC, why shovelling public money at the pointless task of another bite from DLT’s cherry is valid when (a) the guy clearly is not a paedophile in any sense of the word, and (b) there are 6,600 potentially dangerous pervs out there who obviously are? Could it be high-profile cases that are politically motivated pay more…and celebrity cases are good for a person’s fame-fee escalation?

3. Hello cps, any chance of an FOI request revealing who took the decision to continue the disgraceful harassment of a 70’s groper?

4. Hi there lovely ISPs like Yahoo who have thus far completely ignored my complaints of last week….can you explain to me how you and your mates seem to know everything I’ve written within minutes, such that every website I visit has ads aimed at me alone….but it would be hard to trace and interview the child-fuckers signed up to Alice Love?

5. Fiddle-dee-dee MSM, what’s the heads up on LB tapes and Elm House and why, just after the weekend’s posts about historical Conservative paedophilia groups, The Star ran a Jimmy Savile piece composed entirely of bollocks, the Mail “outed” the NCCL Three about whom all this stuff has been known for 40 years, and the Fernbridge team yet again promised an imminent arrest of a high-profile figure…for which we’re all holding our breath and turning purple?

6. Good morning Boris, I do realise that your up to your eyes in bankers and concerned about the turn of events over at the Old Bailey, but are you still “very satisfied” with Plod’s progress on the Elm House investigation? Only quite a few of us out here aren’t.

7. What-ho Mark Peeping-Thomas, I can’t believe – given your amazing qualifications as a criminologist and child protection consultant – that you haven’t spotted Alice Love before now. I think you should get on to it and…oh hang on mate, I forgot: who would pay your fee? Ah, right. Yes.

The inverse correlation between hypocrisy and justice was never more evident. Hat tip to Robert for pointing out Alic Love.

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