THE SATURDAY ESSAY: The poverty of the ruling class is the most dangerous inequality in the World

fuckabbottptnetOur leaders can never be our equals, because we know what we’re doing and they don’t

This opening is going to read like trumpet-blowing – for which I apologise in advance, and promise that there is a good reason for it.

The Slog first started posting about gold manipulation in 2007. Not a single financial opinion leader I tackled believed the story. Yesterday, Bloomberg ran a major piece pointing out that an officially sponsored study suggests the gold fix has been just that…for over a decade. Today, a substantial majority of expert financial opinion believes the market was being manipulated….and still is.

The Slog first suggested Fred Goodwin’s ABN/Amro purchase was mad in 2007. It first wrote about Harman/Dromey NCCL antics in 2008. It first suggested Bob Diamond might not be Mother Theresa in 2010. It said the NHS reforms were a shambles designed to bankrupt the NHS in 2010.

I began posting about phone-hacking in 2008 after overhearing a conversation in London’s Groucho Club. Boris Johnson called it ‘leftwing poppycock” because he was and is influenced by malign forces within Newscorp. That Murdoch’s newspapers hacked phones is now fully accepted; I posted more than most, however, to say that Trinity Mirror was up to the same tricks, as was the previous regime at the Daily Mail. The police have been interviewing Piers Morgan again. He still denies any knowledge of hacking. We shall see.

The Slog was the first site to pinpoint the role of the US in Greek destruction, and the first site to report the presence of US engineers around Crete and Cyprus. It was the first Western site to accuse Samaras of framing Golden Dawn in order to get it banned, and the first one to predict that the scheme would backfire.

The Slog was the first UK site to give a detailed accusation of Obama’s use of troll activists in blog and social media. It got me banned by Huffington Post, and was widely ridiculed as “conspiracy theory”. Today it is an accepted fact.

From Day One in Syria I consistently said that the US is mad to back the Muslim Brotherhood, that Assad did not bomb Turkey, and that the ‘proof’ of his use of chemical weapons was a clumsy hoax.

This year, The Slog ran an exclusive prediction that, without help, Greece must default in May, that Samaras knew this, and that he had lied in a Television address to the Greek people. All of this is now accepted.

Since 2008, I have been warning that Plymouth is a major exit point for child trafficking, that the judiciary there is unsound, that its Conservative Party and Devon & Cornwall police are corrupt. I pinpointed mid Staffs as a key Underclass/Health meltdown area in the same year, and harried the Council there over its use of corrupt psychiatrists in the Family Courts. There is still plenty to come out in Plymouth, but once the routes being used to and from Holland and Southern Europe are revealed, then a bright spotlight will at last be trained on that unfortunate city.

For over a year now, I have been predicting that the BBC has been vindictively targeted over ‘DJ paedophilia’ and that celeb arrests are just a police ploy to distract from the real deal. I expressed doubts about the volume of Jimmy Savile’s alleged crimes very early on, and I retain them now. I believe based on solid evidence that the Met Police Elm House enquiry is being nobbled by senior London Conservatives.

And so now we come to the Ukraine fiasco. I have offered only one opinion on the Ukraine situation: that the EU were mad not to involve Putin in the talks, and that this would lead to tears before bedtime. This weekend (in no small part thanks to William Hague and Washington) we find ourselves in a confrontation. And as usual, the MSM is trying to rewrite how we got here…but it won’t wash. Just as the EU’s plot to kill Cyprus (and the US/NATO scheme to oust Assad) brought it into conflict with Putin, so too now we’re in the same place again. And here once again, behind the EU – and at times double-dealing against it – is the presence of America and its poodle Hague.

The Ukraine is a story about an independent country with a Russian majority, and a fascist President who (whether we like it or not) came into office as the result of an impeccably democratic election. It is a foul-ridden football game between EU expansionism and Russian pride. And it is a flashpoint, once again, for energy supply and exploitation. Putin is of course a bully, but the EU/US stupidity has the attempt to bully Putin. The whole thing was, from the outset, predictable trouble that could’ve been avoided: worse still, it was also opportunist on the part of the West. We knew full well that Ukraine was heading rapidly down the Greek one-way system towards default. What a great idea, all those Finmins thought, if we were to bring yet another basket case into the EU lunatic asylum.

Well, this morning things are not looking very pretty over there.

In truth, things have been looking pug-ugly across the planet since around 2004. Russia is a wild west, Australia is massively dependent on China, the entire West has a debt it can’t repay, no bank is safe despite the fine words of 2008, the euro is a busted flush, Japan’s QE squared is a madness already coming home to roost, the EU is falling apart, Chinese banking is a dangerously untidy mess, Islam becomes more fanatical with every year, neoliberalism is being shown up for the crock of sh*t it so clearly is, the governments who back it are removing citizen liberties one by one, South African politics are about to get ugly…and with every year that it all gets kicked further down the road, the consequences of delay and denial are going to be more horrendous.

But my point is this: all of it has been obvious for almost ten years. The sovereigns and central bankers have been incompetently predictable in their failure to deal with it. And the Opposition movements sprouting up everywhere offer only extreme versions of old ideologies as an alternative.

But these facts cannot explain why one retired bloke with only a few good contacts and access to the internet has been able – like millions of others – to see it all coming, to point out the consequences, and to suggest trying something new.

The only things I have been consistently wrong about stemmed from my own naivety – about the breathtaking level of financial rape and can-kicking from those alleged to be in charge.

I said the euro would be dead by 2015. I said Greece would default. I said ClubMed would melt down and create a global financial crisis. I said the stock markets would plummet after 2012. The authorities rendered these predictions wrong by, in order, currency manipulation, illegal subordination, money-printing and false accounting, and of course our old friend QE.

But let’s stick to the main point here: one ordinary citizen can observe, predict and then look back on the obvious, the incompetent, and the unimaginative. One not at all special blogger (and I stress, tens of thousands of others) can say “this is going to happen”, and it does. The final consequences are merely inflated by being delayed, but the bottom line remains the same: never mind ‘one’: any decent citizen who sits down with enough time to think about all this nonsense can quickly discern the Establishment’s strategy flaws, and blog to say “bad idea”. The only difference between me and most of you since 2004 is that I’ve had (on the whole) more time to think about it.

Now of course, this is a blinding glimpse of the obvious. But think about it across the piece of this ridiculous con called ‘government’.

We pay taxes to employ politicians and bureaucrats to sort stuff out.

They exceed every budget every time, award themselves vast pensions and unwarranted pay increases, and make matters far worse.

We put our money – almost entirely free – into banks for them to profit from 24/7.

They lose all of it and then demand more of our tax monies to bail them out…while awarding themselves vast bonuses.

We give huge tax breaks to large multinational business concerns, and spend to consume their products.

They avoid even more corporate tax, their directors evade personal tax by using offshore banks, their accountants reduce the product quality to deliver more bottom line, and their distributors are consistently caught cheating on the price claims.

The governing class’s response to this is QE that spends more taxpayers’ money, artificially props up the stock markets, and makes even more money in shares and bonuses for the already super-rich; and bank bailins that set out to steal the money we have left after paying tax.

We elect people to stop all this crap going down. “Yes we can” they say – the Obamas and the Hollandes and the Camerons and the Cleggs. They truly did mean ‘we’: they sure as sh*t didn’t mean ‘us’.

They sell democratic liberties to business, our kids’ futures to the banks, and our countryside to the construction industry…whom they repay further by creating a Help to Bubble scheme.

Harold Macmillan once remarked that Margaret Thatcher was “selling the family silver”. Camerlot is burning the family furniture. Obama has kid-gloved the banks and sold out an entire ethnicity. Hollande has faffed around, done a bit of shagging, and then become another neoliberal puppet.

The so-called Oppositions springing up in response to this woeful performance by the élite are The Tea Party, UKip, Le Front Nationale, Beppo Grillo, Tony Abbott and Golden Dawn. Result!

There is more to this piece than “God aren’t they awful”. The key to this piece is an understanding that – and for once it’s true – a majority of ordinary Western citizens could have done far, far better than the people we pay to do it for us. In short, they’re not only crooked liars: they’re hopeless, uncreative, and f**king expensive.

But astonishingly, a majority of the electorate – even in Greece – would rather fix the cliff-threatened house than build another one in a safer place. A place that hasn’t yet been flooded by a remarkable rainbow of eco-madness and laziness stretching from Nigel Mirage to the Brussels Sprouts he claims to hate so much.

I think there is a reason for this that is demographic. There is always going to be apathy among the only slightly uncomfortable citzenry. But equally, the more influential, economically active voter is far too busy, worried and stretched to start having noble thoughts about how the system is rotten from tip to toe. The busy folks deal with the urgent, and forget the important. And yes, I’m afraid they’ve got used to culture that suggests, “Do what you must – just don’t get caught”.

The two demographic groups that could turn things around are those who have more time as a result of economic slump and age: the younger and older generations respectively. The previous generation were the real Thatcher’s children, because they had known life under Wilson and Callaghan. From what I can see and discern, the 18-35 age group was prepared to give the Nick Cleggs and Barack Obamas a chance in the late Naughties. Both have proved to be less than useless, and more than happy to sell out for power. The mood among the young is changing.

The main hero for those over 50 in today’s Britain is Nigel Farage. Regulars will know my firm belief that he is not the answer – any more than Blair, Cameron, Sarkozy or Hollande were. He claims to come from outside the mould, but really he’d like to be on the inside. He is a right-wing Tory, period. He lacks vision, he’s boorish, and on several issues it has rapidly become obvious that he’s more of the same. “Yes, but any port in a storm” say my detractors. Not if you’re Sir Francis Drake and the port is Cadiz, my friends. The minute the Tories dump Cameron, he’ll join them – that’s a prediction.

Rather, we should be thinking not just about what the young and old have in common, but instead about how they complement each other. Fine, both demographic groups are being screwed…and they’ve sort of worked that out. And both groups, on the whole, think the Camerlot/Newscorp/Cops/Banks/Business axis is decidedly smelly.

But what complements the 18-35s and 55-75 segments perfectly is a continuing hope for the triumph of Good among the young, and the remembrance of Decency among the old.

It’s too early to cement those building blocks into place just yet. The LABoraTORY are simply the folks who put the dupe into duopoly, the LibDems are equally vapid, and UKip is a rag-bag of the older disgruntled. Just as in every major European country now, the Establishment has delivered unto those of us on the receiving end a deadlock. It will not be blasted away until people are poorer, and enough people join with other tribes to kick out the chiefs.