THE PAEDOFILE – Top Tory adviser arrest spells it out: one law for the innocent until proven guilty….another for the guilty until proven innocent.


rock1 Patrick Rock (left) the top adviser to David Cameron facing child abuse images allegations, was in fact arrested three weeks ago.

In a mealy-mouthed exchange today, a Downing Street spokesman said, “Number 10 immediately referred this to the National Crime Agency. Of course, this is all directly linked to a police investigation and I don’t think we would proactively comment on that… I think that when… I think it is no surprise that we would not comment proactively on police investigations…When a question was put to us, we responded, obviously subject to the constraints of there being an ongoing police investigation.”

What a complete load of disingenuous bollocks. Does anyone remember this degree of formality being applied to the arrest of television celebs and BBC radio DJs?

As Call Me Dave himself might say, let us be clear about this: Patrick Rock had been involved in drawing up proposals for internet porn filters. The Prime Minister personally drafted Mr Rock to work in the Number 10 policy unit during 2011, as a result of which he was among senior officials involved in drawing up controls against internet images of child abuse. 

David Cameron gave assurances to the nation that his ISP agreement would stamp out deep-web kiddy porn. But then kiddy porn was shown to be freely available at no great depth at all. Now it turns out that his Main Man on the paedophile filter project faces charges of being…..a paedophile.

Patrick Rock resigned after being questioned by police. Why did it take Number Ten three weeks to reveal that resignation – and only then as the result of a leak?

A friend of the Prime Minister was quoted in the Dail Mail as saying: “He has known Patrick for a long time and never expected anything like this”. It is, let’s face it, one of the facets of Dave that everything in his life is unexpected – and his choice of employees is pretty risible. Nothing new to see here, please move along.

Rock was at one time Mr Cameron’s Deputy Head of Policy. So this is sort of akin to Barack Obama hiring Bernie Madoff to clean up the banking system.

“as soon as questions were asked–as questions would inevitably be asked–we have given very full and straightforward answers” said the PM.

And this man is our top legislator. God help us all.

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