At the End of the Day

Fatso di Barosso di Commissione Europeanne proudly gushed this afternoon that we The People of the EU are to lend €11bn to Ukraine.

Ukraine is not an EU member State. So can somebody real please to an humble Slog (a) where he gets off lending 11 billion notes of an already bankrupt currency to a country outside “our” borders (b) whyTF anyone in the West really believes we have the remotest right to interfere in the cultural meltdown of a country way beyond our sphere of influence, and (c) why Vladimir Putin has no right to a say in a country where the majority of people speak Russian?

I am no Putin apologist: the bloke is KGB down to his boots. But he has far more right to a say in Ukrainian affairs than any of us. Which is why I LOL when David Cameron tweets to say, ‘I’ve been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. We are united in condemnation of Russia’s actions.’ Clearly there isn’t going to be any condemnation of EU foreign ministers trampling all over Ukrainian soil to broker a “peace deal” without inviting anyone from the Russian Federation. The EU isn’t the UN: whatTF were they doing brokering about in Kiev in the first place?

Hillary Clinton tonight says Putin is deranged. British foreign minister William Hague said on Monday that Russia’s presence in Ukraine was “illegal”. The target has changed, but the bollocks being spouted is exactly the same: Bashar Assad was using chemical weapons and bombing Turkey. I very much doubt it.

Is it me, or does anyone else think the head is coming off the West’s shoulders at precisely the wrong time?