ZEROThe time has come at last for even the more smug and sleepy among us to get real. This is the situation we have:

1. A gentleman with a posh name, a senior and shady role on Tory affairs (and no doubt the wearer of nice shoes) is in charge of seeking out naughty paedos – and has now been accused of being one of their number.

2. The Prime Minister and his staff covered up the issue until caught out.

3. The Prime Minister’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is bankrolled by a John Lewis who was at a key time Chairman of the Groucho Club. At that time, it was hosting a PIE-style website and taking illegal pictures of its clients snorting coke.

4. Alistair McAlpine successfully sued the backside off various people for being wrongly outed as a paedophile, but kept secret his certain knowledge about Jimmie McAlpine, his cousin, who was a supplier to government in the 1960s and an outrageous buggery merchant of young care home boys in Wrexham and Chester at that time. Ali McAlpine was a senior Tory fundraiser and close confidante of Margaret Thatcher.

5. Another close confidante of Margaret Thatcher was Leon Brittan, a man thought by many to be the senior Cabinet member questionsed by police over the Elm House affair. On the public record is the seizure of a tape called ‘LB’ by police who stopped a convicted paedophile. The LB tape “showed a senior Tory Cabinet member abusing a 12 year-old boy” says a Customs & Excise officer from that period.

6. When unable to find a trade minister in 2010, newly elected PM David Cameron chose to give a freelance trade position to Leon Brittan…on the advice of the Deputy PM Nick Clegg, who is a personal friend of Leon Brittan.

7. Exaro today has established from sources that senior Whitehallian the late Clive Hindley blocked and ignored all concerns about PIE…and had an obsessive interest in sex between men and boys.

At PMQs today, Ed Miliband could’ve painted this lurid picture in a manner that would give hope to those fed up of the real paedophile mainstream being buried under ludicrous cop fitups of sad old celeb gropers. He could’ve pointed all this out, and left nobody in any doubt that there is a massive coverup of perverted and dangerous sex right at the heart of government.

He did nothing.

Instead – being the Establishment lackey he is – Mr Miliband offered the chancers of Washington, Downing Street and Brussels his unqualified support…..and total condemnation of Vladimir Putin.

Miliband must go. The Establishment must go. The corrupt political duopoly must go. This is a seminal moment for the British people: do you GAF about the vulnerable in our society, because clearly over 95% of the rubber-spined minnows at Wesminster don’t?

If you don’t, well then….welcome to the dictatorship of evil commerce and amoral privilege. You have only yourselves to blame for entering the Kingdom of Secretive Mammon. To be blunt, some of us are getting tired of the armchair army – the perpetual moaners who keep on whining, “But what can we dooooo?”

Send a message. Send lots of messages. Boycott stuff. Get together and have ideas. Sod Eastenders and Simon Cowell. Get off your f**king fat arses and do something.