MONTY GRECO’S FLYING EU CIRCUS: Eric idle in death-cross appeal for optimism

ScreenHunter_87 May. 29 19.49Trusted Greek and other EU mates/sources/contacts write to me today suggesting two things:

1. Yannis Stournanas (the Greek finance minister) is scheduled for the chop under the Government of Antonikis the Thick – because he [Yannis] is unpopular.

2. The EU and EC élites are “stunned” by the level of antipathy towards a Federalist European model.

This suggests that the problem – here in the first continent to adopt democracy on a broad scale – is even more serious than we’d thought. For these reports – if true – suggest that both the electorate and the élites are so lacking in judgement and mobility, they couldn’t see, hear, smell or avoid the progress of a ten-ton truck fifty metres away.

Oh dear. There may well be no hope. And yet – given those in charge of the world’s security services seem to suffer from the same challenged sensory equipment – there may well be grounds for great hope.

Always look on the broit soide o’ loife….ta dum, tarrarrarar tum…