The continuing story of why Microsoft needs to be dismantled and sold off, # 2

I know it’s boring and all that, but I’ve been having this farcical debate with Skype for some days now about not being able to sign into my contacts, using the supplied security methods, because I’m temporarily using an emergency notebook.

I don’t know of a single other net-based comms service that is phased by one signing in from another pc, but Skype is very happy to sell you addons, just not for you to get to your contacts and use the service. This is palpably obviously very bad for the company’s velocity of usage….which must be suffering, because they now have a mass-produced response for when everyone asks whereTF have my contacts gone.

However, I’ve now worked out what the REAL problem is; and yes, we’re back dealing yet again with the gangsters from Microsoft.

I have just invested €85 euros (40% of the hardware cost) in avoiding Microsoft’s insistence on demanding I open an account in order to sign into a Hewlett Packard product which is fitted with Windows 8.1, which is mine not theirs, but which they have, effectively, taken over, and to which there is no alternative at retail outlets selling new equipment.

I’ve also just tried the system given to me by Skype for getting back to my contacts….and guess what? I can’t get there without opening a Microsoft account in order to buy the app from the Microsoft shop.

Anyone threading after this telling me to buy a Mac or go back to Windows 7 will be banned from the site, as they clearly cannot grasp the point I keep on and on making: it simply isn’t good enough to say I’ll buy a Mac. You may like Macs, bully for you lot….but millions of people don’t.

This is as clear a case of monopolism and retail-forced choice as you will ever encounter. Under US anti-Trust laws, most of these practices are illegal….unless you’re a big multinational giving pols lots of campaign funds and cooperating with the security services.

Globalist monopolism, the corporatocracy, the privatisation of politics, subversion of the law by money….call it what you like. It will keep on getting worse unless more people write more stuff in the mainstream media and form consumer pressure groups to have the laws obeyed, and these Al Capone tactics stopped.

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