THE PAEDOFILE: Rolf Harris trial and Elm House enquiry


If Jimmy Savile groomed a nation, then as of this morning he is a minor-league player, because according to Rolf Harris’s latest “former victim” ROLF HARRIS GROOMED THE WORLD.

This is according to an Aussie lady, Nina Bekker, “who hasn’t come forward to tell her story until now” as Seven News dramatically put it (after 36 years) but says “he jumped me”, which in victim code means he touched her bum. She was fourteen years old at the time, so that means it wasn’t a paedophile crime. Harris never saw her again, so what was he grooming her for exactly?

What’s more, Rolf used to turn up in Broadmoor with his good mate Jimmy Savile just as the women were undressing. Broadmoor is a prison for the criminally insane, so we can judge the veracity of this evidence by the fact that the alleged event took place three decades ago, and comes from a transsexual inmate. But it was in every major UK newspaper yesterday.

Watch the interview at the link above – it’s a travesty. But Seven News is owned by Aussie Mogul Kerry Stokes, who tried to buy the UK’s Channel 5 last winter…losing out to Viacom. So like Murdoch, he has a vested interest in witch-hunts against the Old Gang who were the evil stars of the Terrestrial Years.

A common theme throughout the Murdoch press in Australia earlier this week was the endlessly repeated headline ‘Harris victims urged to come forward’. And of course, that’s exactly what they’ll do in greater and greater numbers…now there’s a scent of money in the air.

Clearly, a major turning point in the trial was when Harris was caught on camera at a sporting event for television in Cambridge – having earlier denied he was ever there: but the bloke is 84 years old, and the event was one visit on a whistle-stop tour 36 years ago. Can you remember what events you attended 36 years ago?

Some interviews recorded with celebrities who know Harris well, were I think telling: Cilla Black effectively called the verdict bollocks and thought the entire circus “is getting very political”. Ronnie Corbett said he was “very sorry to hear the verdict”, and Harvey Goldsmith called the trials “a mess and a witch-hunt”.

Contrast that one clip of film contradicting the memory of an old man with the lengthy video we are still not allowed to see of what is alleged to show Leon Brittan at Elm House during one of its many parties. Brittan has been suggested as the star of this little jolly four times by, variously, senior detectives on the enquiry, and this week by the Rochdale MP Danczuk. But still the Elm House enquiry goes nowhere….as it will of course continue to do as long as Boris the Redtop-Knobber is mayor of London, and the effective emperor of the next City State to rival Singapore.

Having made that alarming comparisom, I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but we must leave our obsessions outside the the door and recognise that we are seeing two parallel events taking place here: one by the police and CPS who seem to care only about what they see as the link between paedophilia and celebrities (but which, under forensic examination, nearly always turns out to be the groping of teenage girls); and one enquiry about to blow the lid off a major, organised political involvement in genuine child trafficking for the purposes of real hard-core paedophiles.

Between octogenarian has beens and senior politicians, guess which ones are coming to trial and then going to prison? There are black ops in play here, and they concern a number of coincidental but nevertheless shared aims between the police, the media, and the political class: the Old Bailey verdict was one symptom of it – this is merely another.

The three main streams are the dirty fight for media dominance in the UK, the protection of Tory national politicians and local Labour politicians, and the increasing tendency of the police to (a) play to the mass gallery and (b) do only those things and prosecute only those cases that those in power want to succeed.

Let’s try and get some sanity back into this. The vast majority of paedophiles abuse family members, and the vast majority of hardened opportunists beyond that group disguise themselves behind either their job function or a claimed homosexuality. They hide in the dark corners of education, child psychiatry, social services, and the British care system in relatively minute numbers. They use networks of influence to protect themselves, and they suffer delusions about infants aged from 3 to 10 enjoying being raped by adults. Be clear about this: they are sexually psychotic.

The last thing they want is celebrity. The last thing they are is sad old gropers doing little or no harm in a bygone age. The public is woefully ignorant on the subject of paedophilia, but it is voraciously hungry for news of celebrity disgrace. The Westminster/police/media axis is using the celeb witch-hunt to distract attention from its corrupt past, and its greedy élite aims for control of that axis in total in the future. The intervention of the late Lord McAlpine was a master-class in how to fool all the people all the time.

In the wrong sector and the wrong hands, privatisation means private armies, corrupt judges, privileged protection, and laws whose aims are about minority political control – not socially designed to enlighten the greatest number of good citizens.

Before any more innocence is declared as guilt and obvious guilt as innocence, those who have a functioning brain suitably laced with common sense and discernment should ask the following questions of the Establishment…and not rest until they’re answered:

1. Can Mayor Johnson please give us an update on the Elm House enquiry, during which arrests have been imminent fully six times since it reopened almost two years ago.

2. Why do so many of the cases being tried involve ageing celebs and very young women rather than the paedophile mainstream?

3. Why have one former senior Minister and a liberal former member of the Monday Club not been questioned about jollies to Amsterdam? Why has that senior Minister hidden for decades from making any statement about serious accusations of European child trafficking, misuse of the Diplomatic Bag for the import of indecent child images, suppressing evidence presented to him by other MPs in the past, collusion with Richmond social services to supply care system kids for sexual pleasure, and his appearance in crucial  Elm House footage of the time?

4. Could we have an enquiry please into the sexual activities of James McAlpine in the Wrexham and Chester areas while a major road contractor to government during the 1960s?

5. What if anything have Michael Gove, Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Norman Lamb and Edward Timpson done to tighten up the detection of paedophile events or tendencies during interviews with staff in the education, Healthcare, Childcare, police and social services sectors?

It would be hugely preferable for all of us opposed to privilege, corruption and the cover-up of heinous sexual psychopathy (on however small a scale) if we could stop looking at past groping from the viewpoint of a mad pc present, and start questioning those in Whitehall and Westminster about what they’re doing to eliminate such scandalous self-protection in the future.

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