At the End of the Day

If you type into Google ‘Connect Samsung Rex 1510 phone to Windows 8 pc’, 327,000 results come up. Unfortunately, the most popular result offers the answer to ‘What is Easy Print Manager and where do I download it for my Samsung printer?’

This really is, is it not, so much sh*t? I mean here is one of the world’s best-selling phones, but research shows that (a) it is not a f**king printer and (b) Windows 8 is – by force majeur, mind you – the world’s biggest selling laptop software system. So when it comes to the globalist supply of goods, it is not entirely reassuring to know that one’s phone supplier has given it the same name as something that churns paper out into the paperless office, and apparently Windows 8 needs the royal seal of Queen Elizabeth II of England before it will allow the average snapper to store his or her shots on its precious system.

In days of not too long ago yore, each phone came with a disk, and the disk told the pc look, just stop fannying about and download the f**king software, or else. But not today, oooooh noooo: now you have to trawl through Google to find a 10% sensible answer to your question, only to find that you have downloaded Chinapolitburo Daily as your search engine. Up to but not including the storage facility you requested.

After seven attempts covering 2.5 hours in total, I still cannot store my 1510 Samsung shots in my Acer laptop…which, by the way, says it will allow me to explore beyond limits. Seems to me that the only limit here is the common sense quotient of the folks engaged in ensuring that software is customer facing and consumer friendly.



Back on planet Earth, I have acquired a new avian friend. To be more precise, it (he? she?) is a pigeon chick. It must have fallen from a nest this morning, but judging from its downy feathers I’d say it’s no more than ten weeks old. I’ve given it a nest of soft straw and some water, and the internet seems to be of the opinion that it’ll be better off outside waiting for its parents to rescue it. But my two key questions re that theory are (a) how exactly will they rescue a chick which can’t fly and (b) what if they’re dead – or mendaciously opted for the ‘no kids’ divorce deal in a feckless manner?

I remain of the view that we shouldn’t really intervene in nature, but I do find it very hard to leave the little chap/chapess at the mercy of foxes who patrol my bit of land here in search of Kentucky Raw Pigeon.