At the End of the Day

London Mayor Boris Johnson wants to switch the burden of proof from his right buttock (currently an unbearably heavy burden on the due process of Law re the Elm House paedophile obfuscation investigation) to his left buttock, which yesterday lifted itself sufficiently to fart smelly smoke into the eyes of those 3 billion Earthlings about to spot that the Jihadist beheading video involving James Foley was a laughable fake.

Mr Johnson is an Oxbridge scholar and therefore fully aware of what he suggested from his Telegraph megaphone last weekend.

‘The law needs a swift and minor change’ suggested Bojo misleadingly on Sunday, ‘so that there is a “rebuttable presumption” that all those visiting war areas without notifying the authorities have done so for a terrorist purpose’. This is carefully veiled prose for “the assumption of guilt”.

A minor change? Come come now Boris, even from your carefully posed Common Man perspective, such is about as minor as your long ago Eton fag, Asia Minor.

What Bojo suggests is the concept of Law based on speculative assumption…the grasping handmaiden of fascists all the way back to Periclese…a bloke for whom I am sure the London Mayor has the greatest admiration, given that he shamelessly courted the support of the masses.

Some politicians cut social welfare: but it is the wannabe dictators who cut constitutional corners…knowing perfectly well what potential moral collisions lie ahead. Boris Johnson is of the latter species.

Those who applaud and eagerly await Johnson’s metamorphosis from London City State Emperor to National Leader need to think on this. He is and has always been a man who sees himself as above the law and beyond reproach. From such moulds are Hitlers made.