GREEK RADIO & AN AMERICAN REPEAL: Corporacratic State censorship powers forward

hitleradioWe inhabit a planet where believers have produced a situation in which nobody knows what to believe any more

The European Broadcasting Union or EBU (a body supporting democratic, objective radio and not to be confused with the European Union or EUSSR, an undead corpse encouraging State party line fascism) is beginning to regret its decision to accept the Samaras Governmen tof Greece’s decision to shut up sorry down the Free Hellenic Public Broadcaster (ERT) – and support the governmental creation of NERIT.

It has now written a scathing letter to Antonikis Scamaras, the first Greek in history to have a Kalamatian olive-stone where his brain should be, as follows:

… last year’s Law 4173/2013 on NERIT introduced a number of important safeguards to protect the public service broadcaster from undue political influence, and the rules on the appointment of the members of the Supervisory Council were a key part of them. Interestingly, the recent judgment of the Greek Court of Cassation rejecting the action for annulment of the joint ministerial decision ordering ERT’s closure was also partly based on this promise…..We are now surprised and disappointed that these rules have been changed virtually overnight, without proper public consultation and debate, and without considering best practice in Europe with regard to legal safeguards to ensure an independent and pluralistic composition of public service broadcasters’ supervisory bodies.”
Oh dear me EBU chaps, you are rather too easily surprised. Still, at least lots of Greeks noticed this happening…even if the Western MSM steadfastly continue to not notice it. In turn, very few sniffers seem to have noticed something even more disturbing, but one Athenian sharp-eyed bird of prey did: the ‘Anti-Propaganda’ Ban passed many years ago against misuse of the media in the US has been repealed.
The ban came to a silent but deadly fart of an end on July 2nd 2014. A new reform – passed last January in the light of Snowden’s whistle-blowing – was judged to be unconstitutional in the light of the old ban, so, um, the old ban was simply repealed.
This is a green light for any Government prick sorry organ from the State Department to Agriculture via Payrolls to beam a complete Tsunami of lies 24/7 to US citizens over the radio waves.
I’d imagine the main things influencing this decision would include minor stuff like lies about Iraq, lies about Syria, lies about Turkey, lies about Greece, lies about the economy, lies about Ukraine, lies about Putin, lies about Foley, lies about….[insert favourite Washington fib here].
As Josef Goebbels remarked in 1932, “the masses respond to relentless repetition and confident assertion with total belief”.
This is the third in a series of four posts about how crafty credible corporatist propaganda is replacing liberal debate and the Rule of Law at an alarming rate in the West. The acronym of crafty credible corporatist propaganda spells CCCP – the Russian abbreviation of ‘Soviet Union’.
Tomorrow: the demonisation of Argentina.