ACTION IN IRAQ: vague codswallop and half-truths – plus a willing “Opposition” – will give Cameron the military campaign he craves

I find it hard to credit this, but the following sub-head appeared in a Daily Telegraph article this afternoon under the headline ‘FBI identifies Jihadi John’:

‘The head of the FBI has announced US authorities believe they have unmasked the British murderer of James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines’

Let’s just deconstruct this hype for a second. The FBI believes it has unmasked the British murderer of Foley, Sotloff and Haines.

1. WHY does the FBI believe this? 2. WHO says the man is British? 3. What visual evidence do we have that he – or indeed anyone else – murdered these people? 4. Where are the DNA tested body bags?

Answer is there none.

The article’s body copy continues as follows:

‘The United States believes it has identified the masked Islamic State militant who was filmed beheading two kidnapped American journalists and a British aid worker.’

1. No beheading is recorded anywhere in these videos. 2. The journalists were respectively CIA and Mossad connected. 3. The aid worker had a history of British military intelligence.

The article goes on:

‘James Comey, the director of the FBI….refused to say whether the FBI believed the masked man actually carried out the murders of the three Westerners, or if they were killed by someone else off-camera.’

So then, the British murderer may not be a murderer at all. And given the Voice Over is very obviously remotely recorded – and we can’t see his lips moving – it could easily transpire that he isn’t British either. But just in case you were wondering how on it the Americans are, this may help to guide you:

‘Mr Comey also said the FBI is working to identify two individuals who have appeared in other Isil propaganda videos and appear to have American accents. “We have a big focus going on that right now,” he said.’

I am suffused with confidence about this intelligence: it is clearly right on the button.

However, in our sick Orwellian world of Stalinesque disinformation, let us not forget that this Barclay Brothers bilge masquerading as journalism appeared just 24 hours before the British House of Commons gets to vote on whether or not to support air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

The twins needn’t have bothered, because the Labour “Opposition” is as boneless as ever: at the close of the Labour Party conference in Manchester on Wednesday, leader Ed Miliband convened an emergency meeting of the shadow cabinet to endorse military action in Iraq, so providing Cameron with the assurance he needed to win the Commons vote. But Ed made clear that he did not support UK involvement in Syria without first seeking a resolution in the UN security council. Well now, there’s a courageous stand if ever there was one.

Here we are, a decade on, falling for exactly the same American crap dished out by Blair and Bush. The same two UK Parties sucking up to cynical fossil fuel foreign policy. And of course, the same smug dumbo voters buying into the entire Tower of Babble.

It’s all a gesture. Cameron wants his war, and he will get it by hook or by crook. What his Home Secretary and MI5 won’t root out is the enemy right here at home. But there are no heroic headlines in a Silent War; and so Dave will opt for his Falklands Factor.