THE MEDIA & THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: Ten ways to avoid the Slump word

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Yes, we’re in a sort of stagnantly slowing down and disappointing economic situation, with sluggish economic sliding and a lack of economic lift-off as we approach the moment of reckoning.

Right then. We’ll just have to jolly well roll up our trouser legs, ease some more quantity….and charge everyone 100% on their deposits, until such time as the clouds clear, and the bright sunny uplands give us that vital chance to speed up growth, build up momentum, manufacture joyously – and then refresh the waters, roll back society, rebuild the structure (with a judicious mixture of lifting ourselves off the slide and momentary recognition of the need to do whatever it takes) such that we accelerate the momentum behind emergent struggles… and thus end the capital flight with a nice soft landing.

 icanfly1 And the People marvelled as Antonikis Neoliberakos demonstrated his ability to fly