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Staring everyone in the face this morning is yet more glaring evidence that Our Long Term Economic Plan is Not Working. Always assuming, of course, that evidence can glare in your face while staring at you. That’s the thing with bollocks: these days, it is totally in yer face.

To have a manufacturing sector which stands at 10.4% is bad enough. As a percentage of GDP, it is quite frankly pathetic. On the other hand, if Left wing Unions f**k up manufacturing and then, in a fit of vicious pique, the Thatcherites obliterate what’s left of it, we wind up where we are today: begging the Chinese (they of solar garden light fame) to build our nuclear reactors for us.

However, our manufacturing sector is no longer 10.4%: it is now 10.1% according to the latest GDP figures. In overall terms that may not sound much of a drop, but as a percentage of sector size, it is a plunge of 3% over a relatively short period.

Just five weeks ago, the Daily Telegraph was telling us that ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel for British manufacturing – or that, at least, is the remarkably upbeat message from Boston Consulting Group, one of the world’s top consultancies.’ But then, this was a piece by Alistair Heath about BCG, both of which are tertiary sufferers from IABATO* syndrome.

Our economy beyond services – within which there is a terrifying bias towards financial – is now dangerously small when it comes to any realistic definition of ‘ability to survive’. 45 years ago, manufacturing was 30% of UK output. Now it is as near as damnit 10%. Extrapolate this latest drop forward, and you will find that the rate of decline is as swift as ever. In 2012 alone, factory output fell by 4% – the biggest slump since 1991.

As to the picture for food sustainability, the picture is beyond risible….and heading for the sort of disaster that could easily enslave the British before too long. The contribution of agriculture to the UK economy is a minute 0.5%. In 2012 it was 0.7%.

That is a drop of 28% in two years. Staggering.

Now let us examine how all this fits with contributions to/support for the Conservative Party. Ooooh look, it got £3.6m from the construction industry, as a result of which more and more cultivable land is being built upon. And Ooooh look, over 84% of City institutions donate to the Tories.

Now think about what has contributed most to the rationale for more house-building. Oooooh look, it’s immigration: the subject that so dared not speak its name for many decades, it had to be renamed net migration in order to get back onto the radar.

The entire UK political class bears the blame for this ridiculous outcome.

Thanks to idiotic pc, Labour machinations in favour of immigration, Tory connections to construction, selecting MP clones with no real business experience, Big Bang, City lobbyists, and almost every legislator or bureaucrat being a Townie, Britain is in a desperate position. Cameron crows that the GDP is increasing, but with every week we become and bank-bourse services economy that will one day soon be just a Maginot Line.

And when the globalist free trade drivel has morphed into selfish sufficiency, what then for Cruel Britannia?

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* IABATO – It’s all bollocks, and that’s official