NEW IMPROVED GLOBALIST PRIVATISATION: Low in privacy, High in State support

LOSTIESBefore it existed, no science fiction writer would’ve dared to put globalised privatisation into a novel

Here’s a small thought with which to start the day. Am I the only one to have noticed that privatisation has resulted in a wholesale loss of privacy?

Examples would include universal surveillance cameras, remote control of one’s pc, 24/7 monitoring of every communication we make or website we visit, and social networks that lay us all bare to the world.

Ironic, innit? And here’s another one: do the folks to whom this has happened care a monkey’s about it?

My view over time has become a firm “No”. Somehow, privacy doesn’t seem to matter to us any more: indiscretion and public conversations have become the balm that keeps chronic self-esteem problems under control. This is because we all, on the whole, do soul-destroying jobs where we have little or no choice or say in the direction of the company, or when we can switch off and have a sandwich/go to the loo/see the kids.

The only genius anywhere in Simon Cowell’s otherwise useless Being is that he spotted, earlier than most, how the craving for fame was epidemic, and knew how to exploit it.

And….three-in-a-row and a bonus point – this morning’s final insight: the materialist system to which all these poor losers aspire – indeed, are told by Dragon’s Dan and Alan Sugar that they must admire – is a complete basket-case.

The one economic idea that from the outset insisted there was no role for the State anywhere in commerce (I’m inclined to agree by the way) has produced an economic and fiscal model that is quite unable to function without continuous support from the State and its taxpayers.

The latest news about that absurd outcome now follows.

* A survey of the effect of State asset purchases on stock markets has reached the terrifyingly hysterical conclusion that, for instance, just to keep the S&P from collapse costs $200 billion every quarter.

* All those Masters of the Financial Universe who demanded Big Bangs and Regulatory abolition are now quick to sell Greek Bonds the minute that country tries to emerge from State support. Antonis ‘olivestonebrain’ Samaras only had to float the idea of an early exit for Greece from intensive Brussels care – he didn’t even include the IMF in the idea – and there was an immediate selloff followed by a yield spike.

* After three years of Brussels-am-Berlin trying to prove that old German adage ‘Strength through poverty’, the eurozone has now switched back to…yup, you guessed it, State asset purchases. You know, those same State asset purchases that didn’t work in the US, the UK, Japan or China…well, they’re about to resuscitate the European body, long since dead from the Merkebola virus.

It’s like a market in its own right all this ideology bollocks innit eh? You sell some assets and fire millions of people, the private sector mechanises those assets and fires a few more million people, but then the disposable income dips, and just to make matters even worse, the banks start valuing a sheet of Andrex toilet roll at $35m. So then you have to buy all the assets back at the People’s expense. Running out of money with which to do that? Nihil desperandum squire – simply empty everyone’s bank account: that’ll wind up the old consumption engine.

As an ex-adman, I’d be inclined to summarise the sell as follows:

‘NEOLIBERAL GLOBALISM: High in unemployment and debt, Low in income levels and social welfare’.

It simply can’t fail. Chocks away….last one in the boiling oil’s a cissy!

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& PS – we don’t need a State sector. We need 3 sectors as horses for courses: mutual, communitarian creative, and export.