The Fallen Mighty on Twitter

I was intrigued this afternoon to see a tweet from Bruno Waterfield, a press correspondent in Brussels. It reads: ‘Tories who obeyed No 10 instructions to vote for : Ashworth, Girling, Karim, Kirkhope, McIntyre, Swinburne’.

So there you have it: our noble David Cameron who was going to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to stop Juncker from getting the job is now reduced to ordering his MEPs to vote for this nasty pisshead. We are left wondering what strongarm tactics might have been used by the Berlin fridge-magnet to bring our gutless PM into line.

It pains me to offer this, but full marks to Dan Hannan for his rebellion on the issue.


Meanwhile, Twitter battle royal is taking place between anti-hacking doyen Peter Jukes, and Irish sell-out pillock Guido Fawkes. Paul Staines (his real name) appears to have thrown some great and good junket for the Establishment, and Jukes has been winding him up on the subject.

Richly deserved. Four years ago, I wrote a withering critique on this self-important man (another drunk). This is the reference link to it, but as the 1+1 hosters no longer acknowledge my existence, you may have to sign up with them to read it. Suffice to say the gist was: he’s in it for the money, and one day you’ll wake up to that. So I’m very pleased to see the admirable Peter Jukes swatting him re the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Guido had little to say on hacking. Boris Johnson had plenty to say about it, all of it misleading. So perhaps unsurprising that the Fawkes Firework of Honour at the junket was….Mayor Jobsdone.


And finally, it appears that Facebook has fallen on hard times, because the world’s largest social media company reported a pre-tax loss of £11.6m in the UK last year – the second annual loss in a row – despite its US parent company reporting a net profit of $1.5bn (£900m).

But hark! Did not the company’s UK revenues rise from £34.6m to £49.8m, according to Facebook UK’s latest financial filing at Companies House? My goodness me….what awful fate may have befallen the Zuckerberg to produce such a counter-intuitive result?

You see, it’s OK on the Cameronian level playing field to hire expensive accountancy crooks auditors in order to get a tax-evading Irish fiddle approved for the results….and thus cheat the HMRC out of, oooh, roughly £17.3m.

It’s hard to believe that it would be difficult for Draper Osborne to close such a loophole…his family having been seamstresses par excellence an’ all. But what do I know? For George may well be far too busy massaging the UK’s numbers in readiness for a fortuitous little pre-Election boom.

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