BREAKING BEDLAM…..BoJ to own total global wealth of minus $500 quadrillion as ScotNats to hold gun to head of EU

labourscot Most days I find numbers out there that belie the Molder & Scully stuff about it being The Truth.

And yet – extrapolating forwards – it appears that, in 2014 at any rate – the Truth is an X-file.

Perhaps until now, the only thing Scotland and Japan had in common was their admiration for Scotch Whisky. But as of today, the commonality is one of being in the vanguard of tits-up, hunker down global econo-political surrealism.

Just a few days back, I said I expected the SNP to get 13 seats in the 2015 UK General election. The first chart above suggests they could get 54. The Liberace Democrats will get, um, just the one.


japmadMeanwhile, as the Bank of Japan sets out on a kamikaze mission to buy every asset in the world, Irene Marquita’s prodigious output points up just about the maddest pair of economic stats I’ve ever seen: housing starts down over 14% and construction orders down over 40%….the previous number having been +8.6%.

“Ah so,” said David Abemoron, “creary rong-term ecarnomi pran working”.

“Oooh f**k,” said Ed Miriband – who allegedly says f**k quite a lot – “Scots going to hord barance of power.”

You really could not scope out a novel with a narrative quite so unlikely….viz, David Cameron could get back to power with the help of a Nationalist Party he opposes – with the power to implode the EU….or be blown off course and let in a Labour Government hoisted into power by a Japanese policy he applauds…and stay in the EU, which is what he really wants.


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