At the End of the Day

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney was apparently ‘buzzing around in dangerous areas’ during the United v City Derby game yesterday. This is par for the course with Our Wayne, but United still lost 1-0. Ed Miliband meanwhile was buzzing around in the dangerous area of being less popular than Nick Clegg. That’s about as dangerous as it gets…and Ed too is not scoring any goals. Nick would take over the role, but he’s having a nap.


For the fifth time in a week I was trying again today to get Moonpig to send me a new password. This is how it went:

What’s your query about? None of the above. OK, what’s your problem? I can’t sign in because you won’t give me  password. OK, go to this page and repeat the request. When I get to the page, it asks me to sign in first, using the password. Mind boggling.


Last week, I posted a fab fact about senior bankers being four times more likely to be psycho than the rest of us. Two days go, a psycho banker was arrested on charges of chopping up two prostitutes salami-style in Hong Kong. He probably thought they were derivatives. Cue “Oooouuurg how can you even think such a thing?” No idea – but I saw the piece on a site called ‘Balanced News’. Go figure.


Dark grey clouds are rolling over the hitherto blue cirrus-lined skies tonight. Is this a portent? Perhaps: but chiefly, it’s the beginning of late Autumn, and the traditionally wet run-in we tend to have to Christmas here.

Any nuts left lying around on the grass now will quickly be ruined, because the damp ingress take a heavy toll. But I was at one of the local markets today, and the funny thing is that – although every walnut looks pristine on the stall – that’s absolutely no guide at all to the quality of the flesh within. My nuts are variously light and dark brown, with the stains of the pods that held them all over the hard outers. But none of it is any predictor at all of what lies inside: the only thing one can do is learn to feel the weight of the nut, and whether it is possible to open it by hand. I’ve had jet-back nuts producing delicious contents, and squeaky-clean outers delivering infested inners.

It is just one more part of the way we are bamboozled today by the idea that superficial beauty must be the same as genuine quality. As Joni Mitchell sang, “Give me spots on my apples, bring me the birds and the bees”.

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