camerkjunckptCameron bombed by Berlin & Brussels


In a post last week, I chastised David Cameron for complaining about the €1.7bn additional payment…the principle of which is (literally) on Page One of the EU contributions manual. If he goes to the website of Jean-Claude Juncker, he can read that his latest moan is non-negotiable…confirmed this morning by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Why does he keep using a bike to reach the stars? The Slog reveals the Juncker Doctrine and injects some reality into the saga.

The Füherin from Berlin has warned David Cameron about freedom of movement. “One false move Britischer Scwheinhund,” she told him, “and you vill be sent to ze Eastern Front”. The thing about Dave is, he tries ever so hard to persuade the Brits that we should stay in the EU and reform it….but every time he tries to reform it, he gets kicked in the teeth. He’s a game girl and all that, but he should learn from the experience.

In the last six weeks alone, he has lost three in a row: Juncker as President, the €1.7bn additional UK payment, and now the freedom of movement question. And he is making no headway on the issue of being forced into the euro….a subject that is still being given an oddly low profile in the British media, of which more later.

But returning to Camerlot the Brick Wall Bouncer, surely he can reach these simple conclusions:

1. Chances are we shouldn’t be in this Union….especially as it’s even more bankrupt than we are

2. If I’m going to have to win a Referendum on EU membership, maybe it would be smart not to tilt at windmills all the time.

These two posers are rhetorical, because there’s a dead simple reason why Cameldung can’t do either: he’d split the Party down the middle, and be bashed by the flapping of Left and Right wings respectively. Further, he’d have to admit that UKip has been right all along. So he should be like one of those blokes in the pub, ready for a fight – but constantly insisting his mates hold him back. Instead of which, he keeps trying to biff the iceberg.

All newer EU member states have to adopt the euro by a target date, and with three exceptions all referendums are forbidden: the three exceptions are the UK, Denmark and Sweden…but Denmark already has one foot in the grave. Several of the newer arrivals have put back target dates anyway, and the UK, Sweden and Hungary have made it clear that joining the euro is absolutely off the agenda. Only defeat for Viktor Orban in Hungary would facilitate them ditching the Florent – that’s very unlikely to happen – and the idea of joining the euro is very unpopular in Poland.

All of this (it goes without saying) is academic, as the chances of the eurozone as we know it surviving the coming storm are near-zero. But that isn’t really the point: however radically the eurozone changes, it is very clear that Britain is going to become a second-class member of the EU – with all the costs and none of the influence – if it stays in the EU.

If you go to European President Jean-Claude Juncker’s website, he is remarkably frank about not only wanting to settle Britain’s issues within the next five years, but also what the maximum is we can expect as a result of the process: (his emphases not mine)

‘No reasonable politician can ignore the fact that, during the next five years, we will have to find solutions for the political concerns of the United Kingdom. We have to do this if we want to keep the UK within the European Union – which I would like to do as Commission President. As Commission President, I will work for a fair deal with Britain. A deal that accepts the specificities of the UK in the EU, while allowing the Eurozone to integrate further. The UK will need to understand that in the Eurozone, we need more Europe, not less. On the other hand, the other EU countries will have to accept that the UK will never participate in the euro, even if we may regret this. We have to accept that the UK will not become a member of the Schengen area. And I am also ready to accept that the UK will stay outside new EU institutions such as the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, meant to improve the fight against fraud in the EU, but clearly rejected by the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We have to respect such clear positions of the British Parliament, based on the British “opt out” Protocol. David Cameron has recently written down a number of further key demands in an article published in the Daily Telegraph. As Commission President, I will be ready to talk to him about these demands in a fair and reasonable manner. My red line in such talks would be the integrity of the single market and its four freedoms; and the possibility to have more Europe within the Eurozone to strengthen the single currency shared so far by 18 and soon by 19 Member States.

To the best of my knowledge, I have not seen this extract published anywhere in the UK media…and that’s confirmed by even drawing a blank on Google:

junckersearchBut basically, the Juncker Doctrine isn’t even implication: it is explicitly warning that if Britain stays in, EU financial regulation will continue, centralised financial systems will tighten, the EPPO will be closed to UK citizens, and the four basic tenets of the EU are sacrosanct…ie, not open for negotiation. Particularly telling is the ‘more Europe within the Eurozone to strengthen the single currency’ line.

Not only is it absolutely crystal that Juncker has learned three-fifths of -30% from the inflexibility of the euro; he’s saying there’ll be more, not less rigidity and central control…courtesy of Wolfie Wheelchair. And the four “freedoms” remaining forever come what may are:

free movement of goods, capital, services and persons

Hence warnings from Geli von Fridgidaire about freedom of movement. As always with our Prime Minister, one is left with two potential ways to interpret his tactics in constantly playing this ram against the Boulder Dam game. This isn’t the way to stifle UKip and keep his Party together: so is he…

1. Just very thick, or..

2. is there a sub-text?

Either way, every statement that comes from Brussels, Berlin and Luxembourg now adds another million+ votes to Faisal Naraj’s Salvation Army. Mark Reckless must be rubbing his hands with glee at this latest flying brick from Berlin.

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