FED UP OF RISIBLE SPIN & ECONOMIC FAILURE? Take sovereign power away from the legislature, give it to the Judiciary, and restrict voting rights.

hocBritain is an ethical, social, economic, fiscal, and educational mess. The Slog starts the week in controversial style by arguing that sovereign power is in the wrong hands, and manipulation of the electorate has reached the stage where voting should be a privilege not a right.

Here is the news:

A teenager died at the weekend after drinking 95% proof spirit at her birthday party. John Major appeals for a pragmatic deal on immigrants into the UK, although there are already far too many people for Britain to house. A year after Somerset floods, we’re set for the same thing to happen, because nothing has been done. A family on benefits apparently claimed £226,000 for holidays based on disabilities they didn’t have. While his Chancellor George Osborne claims Britain is booming, the Prime Minister has warned that a second global crash could be looming. Old people’s Tsar Ros Altman wants the traffic signs displaying frail retired folks banned. He thinks they’re ageist. Illegal dog breeders are feeding the yob-dog sector with specially bred specimens who have ‘insatiable blood lust’. The NHS Care Quality Commission inspected GP practices and found 1 in 6 patients unable to arrange an appointment.

The collapse of Phones 4U is to cost UK taxpayers £78m. Factor in a 4% population rise in the UK since early 2008, and GDP per head is 1% lower than before the Lehman collapse. Take into account the limited existence of ‘full time employees’ in Britain, and the ONS data still shows that incomes as a whole are plummeting in real terms. Take out the ludicrous inclusion of QE in Britain’s economic activity, and we are in the biggest output slump in our history.

What is to be done?


Running a community – or a State for that matter – is in theory not difficult. All you need is people who are sane and competent.

There are only three dimensions that matter in running a tribe of humans with sovereignty:

1. To have the exported goods always exceeding the imported goods

2. To have sufficient land and labour to be self-sufficient in nourishment

3. To have a taxation system fit for the purpose of protecting the citizens without gathering debt along the way.

Do just those three simple things and, while there will be ups and downs, there will always be enough to go round. Thus, when one’s trading partners are in recession, one opens new markets…and places more emphasis on agriculture. When everything’s booming, key bodies in society invest in research and infrastructure for those days when boom has turned to bust. And so on.

I am sure you will not be remotely surprised to learn that no economy in the ‘developed’ world lives up to all three, and the overwhelming majority fail them all. France is exceptional in that it does have enough land to feed a siege economy, and has invested heavily in infrastructure. But it fails the other two must-haves miserably, and now faces catastrophe.

You will also note there that no mention is made of banks, bourses, politics, democracy, unregulated media, equality before the law, the Rule of Law and personal liberty. This is because not only could every State on earth live a fine life without any of them, at least four suspects there – banks, bourses, media and democracy – actually get in the way in the contemporary West.

Of the residue, I would nevertheless argue passionately that equality before the law, the Rule of Law and personal liberty are fundamental to any society based on the greatest enlightened contentment of the greatest number. That is to say, so long as the judicial system and its Constitution represent the sovereign power – and are protected if necessary by an armed militia – the Executive will obey it, and lawful liberty will flourish.

Lawful liberty does not require politicians. Indeed, in Britain and the US today, the political class is steadily killing all the fundamentals of civilisation. This is because they are the sovereign power, and the misinformed, distracted electorate are told what to think by a minute number of media entities not one of whom aspire to telling the objective Truth.

The legal profession and its judiciary in turn roll over in the face of what powerful business, the media and crooked pols want; and this, along with a dangerously politicised police force, means that pretty much every thread of civilisation maintenance is either tied in knots or cut to suit short-term convenience.

I am in favour of a very broad grant of democracy, but not when a huge proportion of the electorate will believe any old tosh, look for Messiah material in the shape of some somnambulent idiot in a suit, pour itself into media entertainment designed for chimps, and accept any service affront no matter how risible it might be.

The People are no longer Sovereign: they are manipulated by politicians in the pay of media moguls, globalist business, banking, ISPs and the security services.

Only depoliticised education in the round – encompassing health, social duties, independent thought training, potential realisation skills among teachers and higher standards of real achievement – will deliver once again an aware electorate where almost everyone should vote. But nobody has an inalienable right to vote: the US founding fathers didn’t believe that, nor did Cromwell – or the Jacobin revolutionaries.

A vote should be a right people must earn. By all means drop the age limit to 16, but remember that this is no more than a rule of thumb: those incapable of of displaying any meaningful knowledge of the issues that are either on the table or things they desire should be disqualified. This already applies to doctors, lawyers, commerce and most other professions…except, of course, politics. Why should it not apply to running the country?

To make this have meaning for new generations coming through, all citizens regardless of background or influence should serve two years of obligatory, residential social service between the ages of 14 and 16 – in which discipline is a given, but weaponry and politicisation are absent. All classes would be mixed together and all recruits would have to help those in society at large less fortunate than themselves. In turn, everyone – high or low – would learn a trade. The service itself should be run by a mutualised organisation divorced from any and all influence from Westminster, Whitehall or private sector business: only the Judiciary would be allowed to judge the system’s operational standards and efficacy.

Cue shower of emails and comment threads telling me what a controlling Nazi Communist control freak I am and how every use of language betrays a man who has lost his marbles. Well, only that will convince me I’m right to be this non-violently extreme.

But it’s always good to get the week off to a bracing start.

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